Friends expenses sharing template

Managing shared expenses among friends can be tricky, especially during group activities or trips. To simplify this process, we’ve created an easy-to-use Friends Expenses Sharing Spreadsheet Template.

This template helps you track, organize, and split costs efficiently, ensuring transparency and fairness. Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill, sharing rent, or planning a vacation, our template keeps everyone informed and minimizes disputes.

Accessible and customizable, it caters to various needs and scenarios. Say goodbye to awkward money conversations and hello to hassle-free financial coordination with friends. Download our template today and make expense sharing seamless and stress-free!

Calculation 001

Dear Candice, 

You had spent RM512 on the golf vacation 

You forked out cash RM477

You will be paying a total of 151 to your friend

  1. Kristen 151




1128 345 678 910

And you will be receiving a total of RM91.7 from your friends.

  1. Jennifer 86.8
  2. Janice 28

Friends expenses sharing template for four pax

How to use,

  1. Ignore the negative signs, only pay the positive amount to your friend

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