Head massage 头皮拔经 @ Bukit Jalil

I went for a head massage at Bukit Jalil link 2, the YT Comfy Spa & Beauty.

1. 牛角梳 Horn-made Comb

The treatment is about applying pressure to your scalp using a horn-made comb

10-15 minutes of scalp massage

10-15 minutes of comb massage

5 minutes massage along the hair line and temple

10-15 minutes of shoulder massage

5 minutes of heat eye mask

I didn’t put a timer and calculate the time, and the above was what felt like to me.

I entered the room at 315 and came out 415. Its about an hour, including changing clothes, get ready, and a hot beverage after the session.

No water or oil or any product is used on your scalp throughout the treatment, so you dont have to worry about oily head after the session. However they did apply oil on shoulder and arm massage.

2. What is benefits of the treatment?

Photo by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

For me, relaxation is the major piece I enjoyed. Especially when they use a claw tools to massage my head.

In terms of acupoints and medical advantage, I have no knowledge in this area.

3. Massage on the shoulder

Oil massage on the shoulder facing up. I really did appreciate able to rest face up, else my sinus will act up when I lay face down for more than 20 minutes.

4. Price RM118 for 45 minutes

5. Will I visit again?

Will I visit again for head massage at this spa at Bukit Jalil?

I’ve been to the treatment twice.

5 star for their service, ambiance and availability. I have visited the place twice walk-in style and never got turn down by full booking. It means they have ample of staff, did not overwork their staff as everybody seems to be in a good mood. There’s no parking issues, valet parking RM4 downstairs.

However, I don’t think the service worth its price. At RM118 I would go to Ayu Borneo and get 120 minutes full body massage, and FREE valet parking at Puchong outlet.

They do have 10% discount if I sign up about 3 sessions at once, or 20% discount if sign up for 5 sessions. However, I am not thorough on the idea of saving money by spending more money.

The detailed plan is

buy RM400 and get RM50 credit

buy RM500 and get RM100 credit

I’ve briefly calculated if sign up for the RM500 and get RM100 credit package, I will only have to pay RM100 per session. The remainder RM10 is not refundable and I need to fork out RM500 on the spot.

Author: DonaLiew

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