Diving at Pulau Weh, Banda Aceh Indonesia

Scuba Diving at Pulau Weh, Indonesia

I went to a Scuba diving trip at Banda Aceh, Indonesia last week.

1. 5D4N @ Mr Bean Resort

pulau weh scuba diving

Ran by Mr Robin, he sees our stay from Day 1 to us leaving at the Ferry on Day 5.

2. The journey

Depart from Puchong to KLIA40 minutes4:30AM
Walk from parking to Baggage Check in5 minutes5:15AM
Flight1 HR 20 minutes10:00AM (adjusted to Indonesia time)
From Banda Aceh airport to Jetty25 minutes10:30AM
Jetty 1 HR11:30AM
Jetty to Mr Bean / Dive center1 HR12:30PM
From Boarding to check in resort Total 5 hours

3. Scuba Diving at Pulau Weh @ Indonesia

Our check out dive is on 1st day. Arriving at 12:30pm and lunch done at 2pm ish, we took an hour nap before we prepared for the 1st dive.

Check out diving details here

Details for macro photography, drift dive with strong current, night dive that you shouldn’t skip is all written in the post above.

4. Food


Avocado Juice

5. Coffee

banda aceh pulau weh scuba dive
Pulau weh coffee

6. Alcohol

Alcohol is not sold here at Sabang. We can purchase RM300 per 24 cans if the resort owner has special connection. It’s almost the same theory we can drink and buy beer at KL, but harder at Terengganu and Kelantan.

7. Attire

8. Banda Aceh

9. Dolphin Trip

10. Biking


10. Price

Long AdventureRM1,800
Flight ticket include sports equipment 20KGRM580
Expenses at Pulau Weh + Banda AcehRM300
from Puchong to KLIA (2 way)RM300

We paid RM1800 to Long Adventure (LA in short), all inclusive except for flight ticket. The price includes stay (5D4N), all meals that are crazy tasty, 8 scuba dives, water dispenser available (the locals doesn’t drink from pipe, they drink from 10L bottle)

Air Asia flight ticket is a little over RM500, and we paid RM60++ for 20KG. My dive equipment is 14KG, while my buddies equipment weight around 20KG, so it’s advised to purchase 25KG next time. For sport equipment, an oversized luggage is required. We can’t check in with normal luggage. Ours were standard SUBEA dive bags where we gotten them at Decathlon.

We paid tipping fee to the dive centres (superb service), crafted coffee at Pulau Weh every morning, Gua Sarang and 0 kilometres @ Pulau Weh, bike and petrol where we tour around the island, museums at Banda Aceh. These cost us about RM300 to RM400. To play safe you may exchange RM500 to RM1,000. We wanted to pay for porter service, but we worried insufficient fund later.

We drove and park at KLIA considered that we have four oversized equipments and two 7kg luggage. My buddy and I stuffed our clothings into our dive bag, so we were not carrying any extra bags onto the plane.

11. Long Adventure Outdoor Sport

Our Instructor Bryce Ng

12. Porter service

There are staff who wear blue uniform and ready to tow your luggage at an affordable fee 15K (around 5MYR), I believe is limited to 2 bags, no matter the size.

The ferry has huge crowd and congested. Their help is definitely worth it and completely safe, as Pulau Weh crime rate is super low.

13. Safety

Syariah law is applied here. At the end of our trip, we left behind a hyper gear containing insta 360 cameras and other valuables, it left untouched at the couch for 30 minutes.

14. Written on May 2024

Author: Dona Liew

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