Ordering beer in wooden barrel @ Puchong

Ever wonder you can purchase home a beer barrel? You can find them in Puchong.

1. Brewmaster @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

Beer sold in wooden barrel at Puchong, which you can order it home!

5 Litres from RM328. It means 20 mugs (250ML)

2. Deposit required

Fully refund RM400 deposit. Which is very expensive to me. But we’ve done it a several times with full refund, so im not worried. I never thought of owning a beer barrel too, so returning it is totally fine by me.

3. Price

Brewmaster menu is as below, Lager is at RM328, which is my favourite, aromatic my least.

Buying beer in barrel at Puchong!

4. Germany Beer

This is something we don’t get to taste everyday.

Beer holds a special place in German culture, with centuries-old traditions surrounding brewing, serving, and enjoying beer. Beer festivals like Oktoberfest are iconic cultural events that attract visitors from around the world.

German beers typically emphasize balance, clarity, and drinkability. While there is variation within styles, German beers tend to be well-crafted, with a focus on purity of ingredients and traditional brewing methods.

They also have lower alcohol content, making them more sessionable and suitable for extended drinking sessions, such as during Oktoberfest celebrations.

Author: DonaLiew

Updated: May 2024

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