2046 Beauty Herbal Spa @ Puchong

2046 Beauty Herbal spa @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

I’ve been searching for a spa with proper bathtub in Puchong, when I found 2046 Beauty salon, I booked immediately with them. I went for their one hour herbal spa treatment.

Updated: May 2024

1. Operated by one person

Photo by Michael C on Unsplash

The owner, Joey serves her customer single-handedly. In fact the idea was her own, she wanted to create a down-to-earth spa experience for her other customers who came for facial treatments.

When I first booked the date, I had a little unpleasant arrangement with the owner. She cancelled off the whole day appointments, I didn’t know until I arrived at her door step. I was furious and disappointed, later we talked it through and I’m happy to receive a free eye treatment to compensate the event.

Her schedule is quite full, as she is all alone in the business. Usually there’s a waiting list up to 2 weeks.

2. Onsen style Herbal Spa

Purpose: Detox and Relaxation

3. Duration

One hour. The onsen was 3 times dip, 10 minutes each, and I had to get up and rest for five minutes before I dive in again.

The flow is as followed

Briefing -> Changing clothes -> 10 minutes spa -> 5 minutes rest -> 10 minutes spa -> 5 minutes rest -> 10 minutes spa -> 10 minutes rest and change -> 10 minutes refreshment drink

I started to sweat at the first dip, and heart beat went up somewhere in the 2nd dip.

During rest Joey would be sure to serve hot beverage to avoid low-sugar level.

Ginger spirit and Red palm sugar drink

I opted for warm water in the end, since I was watching my sugar intake.

4. The after-glow

My cheek continue to glow 2-3 days after the session. The cheek felt so supple and bouncy, although the spa only involves my body from neck down. I tied up my hair and it did not touch the tub water at all.

5. The naughty puddle, Perry

Perry made himself look busier than the owner.

6. Price RM99, no package signing fuss

They don’t do a lot of marketing promotion. One of the best thing is, Joey would NEVER persuade you to buy package. Since she’s working all alone and always with a full schedule, she charges the customer per session, and most of the menu is below RM150. Average at RM138. She did Pico laser and facial treatment from RM188.

This is something we dont see everyday. Other salon will sell us their product and packages, she won’t, saving us from a lot of stress, and complete relaxation whenever we visit.

7. Last call at 8pm

2046 Beauty Herbal Spa @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

About the Owner

The owner had been in the beauty industry for more than 10 years. She was a trainer at a corporate beauty line.

As Joey hits 30, she decided to try out her own business, and execute all the ideas she had in her mind that never had a chance when she was an employee.

For example, the spa idea was her own. She learns from the TCM and tried it herself, and found that medicine in the herbal spa detox and prolong the facial treatment effects.

The spa salon is two years old and counting.

8. Will I visit again?

Yes definitely. The location is convenient and she’s charging at a really affordable rate. This is the kind of retail that makes us Puchong-ian proud. Please keep up the good work, Joey.

Author: Donaliew

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