We hired house painter at Puchong

house painter 2024 puchong

We decided to hire a proper house painter for our double storey house at 16 Sierra Puchong, 10 years living here.

1. RM5,500

We placed deposit on Friday RM1,000, and Painter Ben started job on Monday.

I made subsequent payment on Tuesday RM1,500.00

2. Completed 7 working days

Uncle Ben and his team properly taped the edges, and moved furnitures so that they have more mobility at work.

house painter puchong
Uncle Ben scraping off the old dried paint

3. House Condition: Occupied

Our house is fully furnished, filled with furnitures, we’ve been living in the house for 10 years. They either moved the furnitures, or cover the paint progressing place with blue sheets.

4. Upstairs + downstairs + car porch beam + minor repair of car porch

5. Type of Paint use


Base they were using the most common maxillite base primer.

And we choose ivory color for the whole house wall and plain white ceiling. I admire the fresh look, feeling accomplished and there’s no unpleasant smell of paint! (Nippon Paint Easy Wash)

6. Warranty

5 years

7. FOC lighting replace

On the last two days, through many communications, Uncle Ben hired his friend to replace lighting for us at no extra charges.


Email: liew.onemachine@gmail.com

Whatsapp: 016 9159608

Title: House Painter in Puchong South

Author: Donaliew

Updated May 2024

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