Therapy Yoga @ Cyberjaya

I went to AlphaBellas Beauty & Wellbeing Cafe

1. Therapy Yoga

Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash

We had therapy yoga and a meditation session at Alpha Bellas @ Cyberjaya.

AlphaBellas created a relaxed atmosphere with custom essential oil blends. The calm yoga music resonated with the flow designed by the instructor.

2. Beginner friendly

Led by a knowledgeable and compassionate instructor, the session commenced with gentle stretches, easing the tension accumulated from the rigors of daily life. With each pose, I felt my body surrendering to the present moment, letting go of stress and embracing serenity

What struck me most about the experience was the supportive atmosphere cultivated by both the instructor and fellow participants. There was no judgment, no competition – only a shared commitment to self-care and inner exploration. In that space of vulnerability, I found strength and solidarity.

The session was 60 minutes, it feels like 45 minutes yoga asanas and 15 minutes guided meditation. So it’s not too tiring for beginner like us.

3. Aromatherapy

Throughout the session there was candle burner and essential oil fuming in the room.

4. Post-yoga refreshments and drinks

There were post-yoga refreshments and drinks, which I heard were meticulously crafted to be free from sugar, gluten, dairy, corn oil and vegetable oil.

Mei is truly dedicated to providing us with a memorable experience and we’re grateful for her efforts. .

So, if you ever find yourself yearning for a sanctuary amidst the chaos, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the therapy yoga and meditation sessions at Alpha Bellas Cafe. It’s not just a journey of physical rejuvenation but a soulful odyssey towards inner harmony and balance.

5. Price

We paid RM25 for the free trial, the next class would be RM55. If we sign up for 10 classes it’s possible to lower down to below RM50, but I won’t go for the package right away.

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