Wagyu at Asumo, SS15

We went to Asumo @ SS15 for Japanese premium Wagyu, charcoal grilled Yakiniku style on CNY 2024.

Asumo SS15 wagyu

People enjoy Wagyu beef for several reasons. We came for its exceptional tenderness, marbling, and the unique, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

The meat is known for its intense marbling, which consists of intramuscular fat, resulting in a buttery texture and rich flavour.

1. Price

It’s being said that Wagyu cattle are often raised with great care, following specific breeding and feeding practices that contribute to the quality and taste of the meat. This combination of factors makes Wagyu beef highly prized and sought after by food enthusiasts and chefs around the world.

RM1,200.00 for 7 pax

  • we did not have any alcoholic drinks that night
  • we went for the 800g portion of Japanese (RM760) and 400g of Australian 3 kinds (RM152)
  • each of us ordered rice (big RM9) to go with the Wagyu
  • ordered two matcha tiramisu at the end
  • rate the fullness (10/10)

We were moving very slow with the australian beef, and there was actually 6 persons eating the wagyu. My mom doesn’t consume beef, she ordered a salad.

Photo by Kina on Unsplash

Photo by Mike Choi on Unsplash

2. Wheel-chair friendly

They have a special lift. We brought along our grandma on wheelchair

3. Attentive staff

4. Private room

Assume @ ss15 is a restaurant where private rooms > open table

The privacy style is rather Japanese.

5. Valet parking

They would find parking for you, even when we reached at the dinner peak hour 730pm.

I couldn’t deny the valet service caught me by surprised.

I parked somewhere far away from Asumo, thinking that I want to leave the space for my father and uncle. I parked in front of another restaurant, a guy gestured and aided me to park the car right, I thought he’d charge me parking. He said it’s free service and it applies along the street.

6. My previous Wagyu Yakiniku

I had my last wagyu at Tokyo Bijin @ ss18

I find the SS18 experience better than this one though, which could be contributed by many reasons

  • smaller table, I sat closer to the grill
  • open area, maybe I can smell food from other table, it stimulates more
  • smaller group, more focus on the food

Asumo SS15 Wagyu Charcoal grilled Yakiniku

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