Not a Food Critic: Entier French Dining

Last Monday, we decided to treat ourselves to something fancy for a friend’s twentieth birthday and ended up at Entier French Dining in Bangsar.

1. Parking [easy]

First off, finding parking was surprisingly easy, which is always a plus in KL. They were charging RM5 per hour. Yes pricy but can’t complain. In the end I paid RM20 exiting the place.

2. MRT direct access [yes]

Another friend took LRT and reach directly at the restaurant.

As we stepped inside, the vibe was classy yet cozy, and we lucked out with window seats, offering a stunning view of the city lights – perfect for some birthday selfies!

3. Booking [required]

We’d heard Entier was popular, so booking ahead was a must. Good thing we did because the place was buzzing! The staff were super friendly, and you could tell they were ready to make our night special.

4. Menu

Now, onto the food – oh my! We started with some artisanal bread and their infamous herb infused butter.

Overall, it was the perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun. Great food, great company, and an ambiance that made us feel like royalty. Entier French Dining definitely gets a thumbs up from me – I’m already thinking about when I can go back!

5. Spending (RM200++ per pax)

Three pax and we paid for RM633, including a bottle of wine that’s billed at RM180.

We dont eat a lot, because the bread filled up most of the spaces.

Other French dining place

(1) Terrasse French dining @ ss17

(2) Chez Gaston @ Bangsar Utama

Updated Feb 2024

Author: Donaliew

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