Three ways Yoga helped me to lose weight

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1. When I work out routinely, my appetite automatically reduces

Tend to choose more healthy food

After a workout, it’s natural to gravitate towards healthier food options, nourishing your body with nutrients and replenishing energy levels for optimal recovery and well-being. That’s exactly how I feel. I won’t crave for fries and chips.

Empty stomach before yoga practice

We’re often told to stop consuming food 4 hours before a practc

Practicing yoga on an empty stomach can enhance focus and promote a deeper mind-body connection, facilitating a more rewarding and invigorating experience on the mat

If Im going to practice say 8pm, then I’ll stop snacking at 4pm. The mild hunger pang somehow cure my all-time bloating stomach.

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2. The mild muscle sore

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I felt a continuous muscle sore after a good yoga sessions, a very very mild sore that doesn’t interfere with my daily task. With the mild pain, I simply sit straighter, move around more, and most importantly, I sit less. I even stand better because I can feel my core at all time.

Before yoga, I tend to stand with my pelvic tilt forward. Especially while waiting for train or in a queue.

3. Loving my own body

Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Yoga is more than just physical exercise; it’s a practice of self-love and acceptance. Through each pose, breath, and moment of stillness, I cultivate a deeper connection with my body, appreciating its strength, flexibility, and unique beauty.

In other words, after the effort I twist my body into the impossible poses, my body deserves to be loved, no matter fat or thin, tall or short.

It’s a journey of honoring myself, embracing imperfections, and nurturing a profound sense of love and gratitude towards my own being.

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