My Favourite apartments and condominiums at Puchong

The nature of my job allows me to visit a lot of apartments and condominiums in Puchong.

I would like to name the three best and a few that I’d avoid.

1. Hijauan Puteri Condominium

Locationcentre of Puchong Town
Managementnot fuzzy
Management feeRM200 per month
Maintenance – they continue to repaint every 3-5 years, which I believe is a huge commitment for the management office
– I’ve never seen a broken tile in this property
– the gym treadmill is always working
Parking– landed parking, no pusing pusing
– with awning roof, for EVERY CAR, no discrimination
Corridor Lighting– natural daytime lighting
– I believe their tiles and corridor colours makes a different, corridor is real bright during daytime
– at night they use yellow (but bright) LED lighting
– they are not using energy saving bulbs yet, those that only turned on as you walk by, but it makes their condo extra safe and bright during night time.
Gym – this gym is actually frequented. You won’t be alone during your workout.
Serene– they are not surrounded by highways or industrial area

Photo by Property Guru

2. Le Pavillion

photo from KLOOK

Locationeven better than Hijauan Puteri
Visitor parking– excellent
– it’s a half commercial building, so I dont have to worry about friends complaining when they visit. They can park at the open but roof parking at ground floor
Developeranother IOI property project, bright corridor
The condo is less than 5 years old, so we won’t able to tell from the maintenance wise

3. Zefer Hill Residence @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

PHOTOS FROM durian property

Views– you can see the whole city living here
– It feels like those Genting Highland AirBnb
Maintenance– good, not stingy
Downside– traffic
– there are more than 6 condos / apartments and only one entry from main road
– expensive
– this is the most expensive choice among three condos, given its location

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