Exhilarating Wine tasting @ Jln Kenari 2 Puchong

I went to a wine tasting event at Puchong

1. 2 Dec 2023 from 12pm – 10pm

It’s a FOC wine tasting event held by booze house at Puchong.

RM0.00 Ka-ching

2. Tasting 15 bottles of wines

Photo by Tim L. Productions on Unsplash

We started from white Wine, then go from light red to the fullest bodied shiraz.

3. Wine notes education

Wine tasting is for everyone (who’s not allergic to alcohol of course)

Ann introduced each wine with easy understanding words. Chocolaty, nutty, smoky, herbal.

She also said that expensive wine doesn’t equal to good wine, it’s depending on what your pallet favours.

4. 20% discout

Photo by Theme Photos on Unsplash

Genuine German sausage

All wines were 20% off during the event so we purchased a Pinot Noir. We enjoyed it without corkage fee at the next door Booze House cafe. They also served the wine in decanter without charging us extra.

5. Relax and casual event

Ann gave us very generous pour on each tasting, so we were all loosen up by the fifth glass.

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