I paid RM165 to learn make up at Shu Uemura @ Puchong

Learn ing make up in Puchong

On a weekday noon, I decided to pay RM165 and take up a learning session with Shu Uemura beauty stylist.

I had hours on make up tutorials on the internet, but still, the YouTubers I watched might not have the same skin tone as I, or sharing the same eye shape with me, so I think it’s time to consult the professional.

1. I brought my own make up (of other brands)

I brought some of my make ups, namely my MAC Concealer palette, my benefit blusher, and Clinique lip colour and a contour kit with me.

The purpose of bringing my own products is to ask opinion from my beautician, whether I have the right blush colour for my skin tone, how I can maximise the look using my current make up assets.

I am a fan of Shu Uemura and I have about 10 products of their brand (foundation, compact, lip sticks, primer, brow pencil) which I din’t bring along, believing they would be available at their counter. Besides, they have a very neat system, she was able to see what I have at home by just a few clicks on the computer.

2. I chose a “Daily Look”

Both pictures are taken using iPhone 13 front camera. No filter. Same lighting.

3. It took 1.5 hours

I purposely booked a weekday noon and non-peak hour, where the beautician can relax and focus on our session.

She shares a lot of technique to me. She had let me hold on to the brush and apply them myself, and curl my own lashes at my own pace.

4. 3D eye brow

2 weeks back I had my eyebrow done at Shu Uemura, so there was no trimming during this session.

5. I didn’t buy anything

Even though I wanted to buy something, but the beautician stopped me because Good Friday is only 2 weeks ahead!

I appreciate that she cares for my wallet.

I plan on purchasing a few eye shadows and a new lip colour, and they will have 20% -30% discount on Black Friday promotion.

In the past, I had make over sessions with other make up artists, but the MUAs are not as willing to share the details like the artist in Shu Uemura. After all, that’s not what they serve and too much talking would be delaying their work.

6. Beauty stylist vs certified stylist

The branch I visited doesn’t have certified stylist at all.

From what I heard, they are certified by Shu Uemura themselves.

7. I will go back again for other look

It’s definitely worth it. The whole process was undoubtedly fun. I have the passion on painting and its a different kind of canvas.

Updated: Nov 2023

Author: Donaliew

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