Faligold, a scam?

My father suffers from diabetes. He kept seeing this milk named Faligold and it has a shedload of positive reviews.

Understand what it is

1. What is crominex 3+

Photo by Orkun Orcan on Unsplash

Like other minerals, zinc, iron, magnesium, chromium is an essential trace mineral required by the body in very small amounts—hence the term “trace mineral.” Most people obtain adequate amounts of chromium through their diets, which commonly include sources like whole grains, meats, nuts, and certain vegetables. Deficiency of chromium is rare and typically only occurs in cases of severe malnutrition.

Crominex 3+ is a chromium complex of trivalent chromium, Phyllanthus emblica (Amla) extract and a low dose of purified Shilajit. It’s a mixture of chromium minerals and Ayurvedic ingredients.

In past studies researchers had used them to aid arthritic dogs.

Fleck, A., Gupta, R. C., Goad, J. T., Lasher, M. A., Canerdy, T. D., & Kalidindi, S. R. (2014). Anti-arthritic efficacy and safety of crominex 3+(trivalent chromium, Phyllanthus emblica extract, and shilajit) in moderately arthritic dogs. J. Vet. Sci. Anim. Husb1(4).

Ohr, L. M. (2015). A Healthy Assortment of Functional Ingredients. FOOD TECHNOLOGY69(6), 89-+.

2. False Claim 1 – from US 

And it is most probably from Vietnam.

3. False Claim 2 – KKM

Faligold has an overwhelming review videos and photos. One of them claimed that it has gotten the approval from KKM minister but it was not true.

4. No licensed pharmacy is selling them (except for shopee)

Faligold even said that they are Halal certified.

5. Overpriced 

When I think Glucerna is expensive, Faligold is selling average RM80 for 400g.

6. Phoney websites

Their website doesn’t show any manufacturer informations, there’s no way to write to them, no emails, their certificates look fake, don’t you think?

There are only advertisements and reviews on the website, all reviewed by Malaysians, and majorly in Bahasa Malaysia. It’s obvious who’s their target audience.

7. Major spending on social media promotion

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

There’s truth in the old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Their promotion aims to infest the elderly’s social media, namely Facebook

8. Its other similar packaging

HEVISURE, MEDISURE, just type diabetes milk in shopee

9. Too good to be true

In their advertisements, curing diabetes is only a few bottle of milk formulas away. I want to believe this so badly. But I had learned my lessons.

INGREDIENTS: Colostrum Colostrum Powder: Is the only nutritional source with a comprehensive composition including beneficial growth factors (IGF), Immunoglobin antibodies IgA, IGD, IGE, .. Coenzyme Q10: A fat-soluble compound, mainly synthesized by the body and also absorbed from food. – ALA (Alpha Lipoic acid): An antioxidant similar to vitamins but many times more powerful. ALA has the following effects: helping to improve insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes. – Crominex 3+: A complex containing Cr3+ ions, this ion increases the sensitivity of the insulin receptors on the cell surface and the insulin signaling pathway, helping insulin perform the function of sugar and fat metabolism. . – Milk uses stevia sugar, which is a natural sugar that does not affect blood sugar. In particular, it also adds Inositol sugar, the property of this type of sugar releases energy slowly, helping patients not to increase blood sugar, control blood sugar stably. How to use: Add 3 tablespoons (about 30g) to 200ml of warm water at 40 degrees Celsius, stir until completely dossolved and drink. People from 18 years old and above : 30g/time, 2-3 times a day. Can be use by people with diabetes. Usage: – Supplement nutrients, balance nutrition – Replace snacks, supplement the daily diet

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  1. Grace

    My hubby purchased a few days ago. I’ve contacted the person, a Vietnamese, 01123245209 asking her to refund because the product is from Vietnam and no certification from US as claimed. The product is a beauty product and not for diabetic. I wonder why our KKM did not stop them from spreading fake information in our country. They are now widely spread in Facebook.

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