Nasal Polyps Biopsy at PPUM

I had a polyps biopsy on my second ENT appointment at PPUM.

biopsy PPUM

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1. Cost

The procedure cost me RM130 ringgit and RM15 consultation fee.

I paid RM100 deposit as deposit, and RM30 upon getting the result.

2. About polyp biopsy

Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths that develop in the lining of the nasal passages or sinuses. While they are usually benign, nasal polyps can cause discomfort, breathing difficulties, and affect overall quality of life.

It reduced my sense of smell to a great extend, to a point I can’t smell anything in the toilet or garbage site.

I discovered the lost sense of smell during the 2020 covid MCO. We were to quarantine at home (the whole nation). I gradually felt that my appetite drop, to a point I went food-less for more than 36 hours. First I suspected covid, went for several PCR test. Next I believed it was physiology / emotionally factor. Eventually I realised food was bland and dull because I couldn’t smell at all.

3. Why biopsy?

My CT scan shows polyp only on right side of the face, which looks abnormal for the doctor.

4. Prior to the appointment

First appointment – RUKA

2nd – ENT

3rd – CT Scan (check for my CT scan post here)

4th – Biopsy at ENT

5. The appointment

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I got my appointment date right 2 weeks after CT scan.

6. The experience


My appointment was 8AM.

I arrived the counter at 0750 (left behind my handphone so I arrived half an hour later than expectation)

The number didn’t start running until 0850

I got number 0006, and I got called into the room about 0950

Biopsy at 1030, because Dr said she needs to get advise from her superior with my CT scan.

No medication because I taken enough for the last appointment (3 months doses)

Painful or not

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

To me, yes. Or I’d say it’s max discomfort.

A anesthetic spray is administered to numb the nasal area. This should help minimize any discomfort during the biopsy.

The doctor then put the long stick camera into my nose. When she found the spot, the scissors went in too.

I heard clip. She took the sample.

Then it failed. She repeated the process three times in total, to get the sample “float” in the bottle. Because the previous two sank in the bottle.

It’s not bloody but super scary. Nurse was doing her job very well. She nurse me like a baby child. Hand tissue for the tear swelling me.


I left PPUM at 1105

The parking was RM8.

7. The result

Polyps biopsy @ PPUM

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