How much does CT scan cost at PPUM?

I went for a CT scan at PPUM at Petaling Jaya on April 2023. I ought share my experience and cost of the CT scan done at PPUM CIGMIT.

CT scan PPUM cost

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

1. RM360

20% non-refundable deposit upon appointment. I paid RM60 on February 2023 and paid another RM300 on April 2023.

2. Needle-less

A CT scan can be performed with or without the use of contrast material. Contrast CT involves injecting a contrast agent through a needle to enhance visibility of certain structures or conditions. Non-contrast CT does not require any injection and provides images without the use of contrast material.

My scan was the non-contrast one.

3. 2 months queue

I am not sure if the wait was 2 months, or doctor wanted me to wait 2 months for the CT scan while the medications act out.

4. Scan area

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

My CT scan was performed to examine the nose and paranasal sinus regions in order to assess the presence of a polyp. It provides detailed images that help doctors evaluate the size, location, and characteristics of the polyp, aiding in diagnosis and determining appropriate treatment options.

Check out my other post written about PPUM and their operation cost.

5. The experience

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

My appointment was 8am, we were asked to arrive 30 minutes before the scan. But they only start giving numbers at 8am. We queued up at the ticket machine at 0745, and I gotten number 5. I left the CIGST department at 945am.

My major wait is at the scan room, because the patient in front of me was a wheelchair patient.

6. Daily capacity

According to the nurse, they scan average 40 patients a day..


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CT Scan cost PPUM

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