Comparing a house with and without Interior design @ Puchong

Interior design @ Puchong

On Jan 2023, my friend and I “collected key” for our new house.

Both are 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom, The main difference is, ours is an old condo, hers one is brand new.

She spent 32K on renovation, while we spent 28K on the exact same item.

1. Output Gallery

Without ID – Living room

Without ID – Dining area

Our Background

My husband is an engineer, while I work at a steel fabrication factory for the last decade. Both of us knows nothing about interior design, but we are aware of the labor costing and where to find good contractor.

Interior Design Package

Both of our units are 3 bedroom, 2 toilet

2. Furniture

DIY unit (No ID)

1Wardrobe (x2), RM4,450 (item 1,2,3)
2Sofa (3+2 seater + coffee table)
3Dining table (4+1 bench)
4TV cabinet & Shoe CabinetRM900
5Kitchen Cabinet (6FT)Rm2,100
7Curtain (all rooms + kitchen blind)Rm4,200
8Lighting RM500
9Mirror + CarpetRM500
10Total amount to date RM23,650 (item 1-9)
Move in CostRM49,000
April 2023

3. Decoration

4. List of items

Type of house3 bedroom 2 bathroom3 bedroom 2 bathroom
Condition Brand newOld (20 yrs old)
Area1,200 sqft
Total CostRM32,000RM23,650
Exclude kitchenin- kitchenexclude kitchen
exclude dressing table
exclude bedside table

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