Miyako Land: My Japanese canteen

Miyako Land is my Japanese food canteen when I crave for the fat orange strips.

Plus point, it’s wheelchair friendly.

1. Set Lunch

Their set lunch is from the price of RM18.00

Salmon Sashimi Set @RM28
miyako land japanese Petaling Jaya
Standard 7pcs of thick cut salmon

Saba Set @ RM20

I love sashimi and eat the affordable ones regularly at Don Don Donki, Shin Zushi, Sushi Zanmai. But my best picks always go back to Miyako Land and Zakuro Japanese Restaurant.

Same owner as Nippori Bistro

It means I can order their award winning cake from next door.

Their sashimi also came from next door.

2. Friendly staff and their service

Their Okinawa themed uniform somewhat lighten up the atmosphere, together with the loud and uplifting music.

Okina Themed

3. Miyako Land is Wheelchair friendly & plenty of parking spots

Wheelchair friendly restaurant at Petaling Jaya

There’s plenty of parking behind the premises, where it sits a huge fitness centre, K Fitness

Only RM1 for the first two hours, while its double priced if park inside B Land.

Reminder for wheelchair user:

You cannot access wheelchair from K Fitness parking, you have to park at B Land.

4. Nice car wash at the back

I drive a white car so it requires car wash every week.

When I am not visiting B Land with my grandma, I will leave my car for a wash.

For MPV car they are charging RM25.00

5. Refill

I always refill the soup.

Partly because its tasty partly due to I have a huge appetite.

Previously they don’t allow me to refill rice but now they do. I’m not sure it’s allowed or that the staff was friendly that day.

6. Comparing Miyako Land to Sushi Zanmai

Sushi Zanmai March 2023

One day B Land has electrical issue and had to shut down, I went to Jaya Shopping Centre and dined at Sushi Zanmai. Turn out they are selling at RM23.00 for this tiny bowl. It was seriously tiny, the size of my palm, and their salmon looks utterly unappetising. I am okay with the slim cut, but the color and tiny portion is beyond disappointment. I believe the quality wasn’t the same as compared to few years back.

7. Cons: Operating hours

They now operate all 7 days a week. (Last time they off on Monday)

They serve only 12pm – 3:00pm with last call at 2:30pm

I’ve missed a several times, and I couldn’t find better place to dine nearby.

There was Washoku at PJ Seapark, but it was 100% wheelchair unfriendly

8. Price warrior

Miyako Land Set Lunch Menu
Miyako Land Set Lunch Menu

9. Nippori Bistro, Butty Boy Cooks, Menya Shishido, Joon Dining

Nippori: Very difficult without booking. At the same time, they have an easy booking system.

Butty Boy Cooks: coffee yes, but their food is too sweet to my taste

Once they served me a half pizza (set lunch).

I was ashamed of my giant, greedy, obese stomach. I went to eat another whole pizza at Fellini’s that very day.

The half pizza they served
My feelings when they served

Author: DonaLiew

Date: March

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