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If you’ve recently dined at Chez Gaston in Bangsar Utama, then you’ve experienced a culinary journey that you won’t soon forget. Chef Flo, the talented chef at Chez Gaston, brings his passion for French cuisine to every dish he creates. During my visit to the restaurant, Chef Flo made a point to come out of the kitchen and greet the customers, which was a nice touch and added to the overall dining experience.

1. Escargot in olive oil

We ordered a 3 course meal that cost only RM39++. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

For my starter, I opted for the escargot, which was cooked to perfection and bathed in a garlicky olive oil. I like the dish just how it is, simple and feel home.

Bread Basket

The baguette was truly outstanding. It’s exactly described by the Disney cartoon, when you squeeze the bread, you listen to the sound, the crust.

We ordered another bread basket because one roll slice couldn’t satisfy us. It cost RM5 each basket.

Mediterranean Veg and goat cheese tart chez gaston bangsar utama

Mediterranean Veg and goat cheese tart

The appetizer, I indulged in the pastry with goat cheese, which was a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

2. Blackened tilapia fillet and wild rice

For the main course, I chose the baked tilapia with wild rice, and the fish was cooked to a slight crisp and served with a fluffy bed of wild rice that complemented it perfectly.

3. Beef Roll with blue cheese sauce

The standout dish for me was the beef roll served with blue cheese. The medium rare tender beef wrapping a baby spinach carefully.

Yogurt cake

The only average dish of the day. Maybe I wasn’t in a cake mood yesterday.

4. Chef Flo

It’s clear that Chef Flo takes great pride in his work, as every dish that came out of the kitchen was presented beautifully and tasted amazing. His attention to detail and dedication to using high-quality ingredients truly set the food at Chez Gaston apart.

Overall, my experience at Chez Gaston was fantastic, thanks in large part to Chef Flo’s talent and passion for French cuisine. If you’re looking for an authentic French dining experience in Kuala Lumpur, look no further than Chez Gaston.

5. Affordable pricing and truly filling

As an asian who hugs the rice cooker, this meal is satisfying. Unlike the last French dinner we had, we had to go mamak afterward. This one filled us up to the throat.

The whole meal cost us RM120 (RM60/pax), with escargot and bread basket that we add on.

6. Parking

We parked at Menara UOA and walked over, as we don’t dare to double park at the uphill roadside. The parking cost us RM12.

Next time we can consider coming by LRT, the station is only 3 minutes away.

Lunch Course meal @ Chez Gaston Bangsar Utama

01 March 2023

All new items/recipe

⁠Soup of the day


Mediterranean Veg and goat cheese tart

(puff pastry tart with roasted vegetables with herbs and goat cheese)


Ginger Clam Soup

(Clams cooked in a French white wine soup aromatized with ginger)


Beef Roll with blue cheese sauce and Fries

(Beef roll stuffed with cheese, baby spinach and sundried tomato and panfried, served with homemade steak fries and our creamy blue cheese sauce)


Blackened tilapia fillet and wild rice

(Tilapia filet coated with herbs and spices, panfried and served with buttered wild rice and key lime tartar sauce )


Coconut yoghurt cake

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