Why do women like flower bouquet?

Flower bouquet, a waste of money?

Why women like flower bouquet?

Not all women like flower bouquets.

If you ever queue for a flower bouquet on a Valentine’s Day and think that everyone else is being robbed just like yourself.

As a woman, I really do like roses, why?

1. The scent

Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash

Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash

The scent of a real rose had never been duplicated. There are so many rose perfume and products I am using, but none smells exactly like the real one

I will smell them one hundred times while they dwindle away.

2. The wonders of nature

I love the way it looks on my desk.

Photo by Christie Kim on Unsplash

Flower is so beautiful, it awes me what nature can provide

I love flowers, as simple as that

Growing flowers and plants are hardcore skill. It requires care, technique, condition to keep them alive.

I love plants and vegetation. I talk to the cabbage I grew even at the moment it swims in my steamboat pot.

I tattooed the flower I grew and died, on my arms

3. You cannot grow roses at the place I live

Kuala Lumpur, it’s too hot

4. To justify, I don’t need bouquet

As low as RM3 per stalk of rose

Photo by Meghan Schiereck on Unsplash

Generally rose cost RM3 – RM10 each (year 2023) in KL. In Puchong, I gotten my most affordable bundle at JRV Unique florist. They are wholesale florist.

But you’ll have to handle the thorns, the thorns are no joke. Then you’ll handle the “handling”, how to not crush it before it reaches your lover

4. It’s a consumable

100 gifts I’d love to receive

Flower bouquet has it cons, many cons (not environmentally friendly, unreasonably expensive, not lasting)

Zero waste flower In Puchong

We ordered zero waste flowers before, wrapped with leaves, tied with strings, on my wedding day.

Why women like flower bouquet?

I had gotten expensive watch as gift, but I can’t get myself into the habit of wearing watch except for my Apple Watch. The thousand dollar watch just sit in my locked safe, and it’s not appropriate to sell them off online.

Flower doesn’t have the problem. I’ll surely love them, even though it doesn’t last.

When a man understand it’s a waste of money but it also pleases me for merely 7 days and he spent the money regardless, I feel loved and blessed. Someone is willing to spend me RM150 just to make me happy for one special moment.

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