Per entry gym @ Taman Danau Desa

I visited a per-entry gym at Taman Danau Desa last weekend.

They have less than 20 reviews on google map, so I went up with suspicion.

1. Per entry RM20

Slightly overpriced to me. The other gym that I visited is charging at RM15.

Per entry gym for Female in Petaling Jaya

Per Entry Gym for Female in Puchong

Mineral water is available at RM1.50.

It’s a 2 floor gym, 1st floor is equipped with thread-mills and other cardio machines.

I didn’t feel air-conditioned ambient, but the natural air flow is okay.

2. Ladies friendly

I guess. I was the only woman when I visited. There was another 2-3 guys working out at the time.

I think it could be ladies friendly judging on the clean ladies toilet and clean yoga mat, and most importantly the gym doesn’t smell funny at all.

They also have small 1kg dumbbells and hula hoop.

3. Shower – Yes

There is one shower room. Next to the toilet.

The ladies room is carpeted.

mini dumbbells

4. Rather empty

I went for a workout at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

5. Bright and uplifting

Lighting was good, music is not too loud

6. Business hour

Close 11pm on weekdays, closing 7pm on weekend

per entry gym ladies friendly Taman Danau Desa

7. Cleanliness

I am slightly surprised by the cleanliness, maybe that’s where the extra RM5 worth its value.

There are sanitising clothes and spray available on rack

Yoga mat condition 8/10

8. Group classes

I don’t think so, since there is no space for activities like yoga, pilate, tabatas…

9. Overall

Yes, I would visit again.

Rate 9/10.

After I completed my workout, I learned that the place is only 5 months old, that explains the limited google reviews and, everything does look new, especially the stainless carpet.

Author: Donaliew

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