Day trip – Our Muar itinerary

We went for a day trip at Muar. Our simple itinerary:

We went for three food, straight and clear.

1. Wai Sek Kai

2. Otak-otak

We only eat the original fish version. At RM1.00 each, we ordered 100pcs.

亚文乌达 (Ah Boon Otak-otak)

Good for “eating on the spot”. We brought our 100pcs and savoured them at Tanjung Emas.

平记烟乌达 (Ah Ping Otak-otak)

Best for dabao, take out. We purchased the steam version that is packed in box here.

An Boon Otak-otak

3. Asam pedas & Dragon Tongue Fish- a diamond shape fish

Asam Pedas on the right bottom

Next, we stopped by at 2 places

1. Tanjung Emas

We came here to much the otak-otak

2. 434 cafe

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