A hidden gem in Puchong, Bistro Monologue

I stumbled upon Bistro Monologue while I was searching for my caffeine boost, a cafe that serves German cuisine, in Puchong.

At the “suburb” of Puchong, lies a diner that serves roulades, bratwurst, pizzas and other heart-warming comfort foods.

At Bistro Monologue @ Bukit Puchong, they serve fusion varietals from different cuisines. Their dishes call for home made recipes and are absolutely MSG free.

1. Good coffee

Entering the cafe, the compact space is filled with food aromas and captured my attention right away. I couldn’t smell much coffee, and had set my expectation low. To my surprise, the coffee was above average. 7/10. Standard gourmet coffee.

Their La Marzocco machine

Their battled menu

Italian meat mall and mashed

At first bite, I am a bit moved to find their meatballs are not some frozen stuff taken out from the stores. The gravy is thick and rightly spiced.

Usually I prefer my vegetables grilled / sautéed, boiled vegetables is too healthy to my taste. In this dish though, the plain vegetables balance out the savoury and clean my pallet, had me ready to dive in for the next big bite of meat.

2. The mashed potatoes

Their mash potatoes win my soul. It is rich, flavourful and authentic. I believed they include dairy in the making of the staple sides.

3. Craft Beers

As a beer lover, this is the greatest thing to see in the neighbourhood. So far, I know only Farmer’s Bar that supply craft beer. Beer and comfort food, the best combo.

4. Live Bands

Bistro Monologue Puchong
Bistro Monologue @ Puchong

Visiting their Facebook page, I learned that they have regular live band performances.

People that appreciate music can’t be bad people. So do restaurants and businesses. My theory.

Check out where I purchased a German-made piano in Puchong.

5. Worth visiting

Yes. Absolutely yes. Although the waiting time can be frustrating. I waited 30 minutes for the meatball dish. I am also disappointed that they ran out of mustard.

Bistro Monologue @ Puchong

16, Jalan BP 7/11, Bandar Bukit Puchong, Puchong, Malaysia

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