Fellini Ristorante & Caffe @ Petaling Jaya

Italian Owed Restaurant, the Fellini Ristorante & Caffe

Pizza, Pasta, Panna Cotta

Italian pizza Petaling Jaya
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1. Margherita pizza

My favourite is always the Margherita. Simple, filling, satisfying. It sells at RM20, with no special occasion, I eat one pizza as my dinner.

The rocket salad on top balances the sweetness of the dish, but I wish there’s more. The bitterness of the leaves prologue my appetite.

Pizza and Calzones

Pizza in the pocket I love it.


The authentic and Italian pizza.

2. Casual and relax

Wine and Dine


Italian pizza Petaling Jaya
Photo taken from Google image
wine pizza Petaling Jaya

The restaurant setting is romantic-themed. With warm toned lighting and red clothes, fairy lights, dreamy dimmed interior. The table arrangement is also quite compact, it makes the surrounding utterly relaxing.

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Their wine starts from RM100 if I’m not mistaken, good quality yet very affordable.

3. Cold platter

Cheese Platter

4. Minestrone


I heard of their minestrone before I heard of this place.

I hardly drink minestrone out of a can or at other places, I think it taste good but not sure if it’s near ceiling good or just above average.

Their mushroom soup was as good as this. We can never decide and always order both soup to have a taste.

5. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

This is my #2 out of the list. Very addictive and I can’t find similar replacement. It has a distinctive vanilla flavor.

6. Location – outside Catholic High school

Fellini is right outside my secondary high school, Catholic High School. Their retail is overly humble, we never went and find out what was inside. Always thought its some adult place we should stay away. Instead, there’s an American pizza right next to it, my favourite Dominos.

Fellini @ Jalan Gasing


Plenty of parking outside, in the evening. Avoid school hours that’s it.

7. Price Warrior – Fellini’s Menu

I’ve always been a fan of pizza. Sometimes my parents were away for work, I would ask in my good girl voice, “How about I order pizza today? So so you don’t have to rush home and dabao for me?” Before I can speak English fluently, I was already pretty smooth at ordering with 1300 888 333. Age of 9 or so.

The Italian boss (Mr Tony) sees the restaurant operation himself everyday, a very down to earth man. Something I respect a lot.

8. Pork roll, Pork Chop, Pork loin

Something out of their menu, feel free to ask out and update me.

Updated June 2022

Author: Donaliew

My top Italian place

1. Fellini Italian @ Jalan Gasing

2. Enorme Italian @ Centerstage PJ

We’ve learn that there is affordable Italian cuisine around the town, what about French cuisine?

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