Recommended Yoga Mat in Malaysia

Yoga Mat

Malaysia is known of produce and export rubber products in the last few decades.

There are many renowned brands in the market, from Lululemon, Liforme to Manduka, however that’s often not what I recommend to yoga beginners.

I’ve purchased a variety of yoga mats for my students, trial and error. When they were new to yoga, I chose to recommend local brands within reasonable price range. After all, the earliest yoga practitioner possible worked without a latex mat.

Photo by Junseong Lee on Unsplash

PU Natural Rubber Yoga mat

I have hyper hydrolysis on my scalp area, and I also have mild sweaty palms when practising. I can only use anti-slip mat for this reason.

1. Yoga mat by Xcore Fitness

Anti-slip, extra grip.

I love that Xcore Fitness gave us that extra strap. Sometimes I prefer to strap-on and go.

Their 4mm thickness is just light enough to carry around, thick enough for asana that calls for kneeling on the mat.

Price: RM169.00

2. Keepfiit

If you would like to go for more vibrant colour, Keepfiit has a variety of colour palette to choose from.

Price: RM299

Author: DonaLiew

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