My negative emotions


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I live under a roof, I have blanket and pillow, I have my little own space, but I don’t call this place home. 

What makes me different from you, is that I don’t have the lightning scar and a Hogwarts acceptance letter. 

I don’t really understand how Harry feels until I am trapped in the cupboard under the stairs like he did. 

Aunt Petunia said I should’ve appreciate her kindness, for accepted my existence under her roof. My aunt is not Aunt Petunia, they wants me to call her mom, the mother-in-law.

There will be a day my best friend and her brother twins come in the night with their flying cars, and lead me far away to the Burrow. I would say goodbye to their overly neat kitchen with a polite spit.

Living with in-laws

I think my in-law is an overall nice person. Actually better than my own mom in many ways.

I moved into their house. Everything is sweet for a year. On 31st December, I heard she argued with my husband, and it never goes back.

I don’t know how to put it than this stranger put it in Quora.

Me and my husband are in another country. So I don’t live with my in laws but i have lived with them for few months here and there. They are very nice, great and extremely supportive. However there are cons associated as well.

Anonymous (Quora)
  1. Husbands divided attention: my huby is quite attached to his family. So whenever we are visiting them, hes totally into his family. So much that he would prefer to sleep with them than with me. I am 3 months pregnant and my in laws visited us last month. I must say i received no attention or care from husband during this month. When we are by ourselves, my huby is the most caring, loving and sweetest person. But he changes completely around his parents. This is a big trade off me. Husband doesnt know how to create a balance, and divided love is something i struggle to make peace with.
  2. Lets face it, in laws are not like real parents. I can say my real parents anything without offending them. Its not the same with in laws. For example, mom i am tired today, so cant do the dishes. Or mom please don’t burp loudly, or dad please use sanitizer before eating something etc etc. In laws will for sure mind it.
  3. One kitchen/house can be run smoothly by only 1 women. I want things differently, i like different decor, different crocerry but mom in law has a different taste. So obviously am not running a house according to my wish when with in laws.
  4. Privacy is always at stake with in laws. I cannot wear shorts, night suits and roam around in the house in clothes i like. Intimacy with husband is at its min with in laws around. Privacy becomes a compromise. Again a deal breaker for me.
  5. My in laws are very nice people. I dont deny that. But when we are living together, things happen. In laws and daughter in law relation is designed to fail. Its hard to adjust at times. Unfortunately, I respect and love them a lot more when we are apart.

I copy and paste this paragraph, so that I can read it to newly married friends who ask for my advice.

Yes, when I am in controlled emotion, I can still conclude my MIL is a good person, again, better than my own mom in many ways.

When I’m in the dark days, I have delusional thoughts.

One time I see my sock left on the balcony (where we “sun dried” our clothes), I think that she is telling me “Your socks do not mix with ours. You’re below us”

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