Sen sen by Don Don Donki @ Sunway Pyramid

We visited Sen sen sushi (Don Don Donki @ Sunway Pyramid) on its launching day, 1st of Nov 2022

We were planning to have lunch at Rakuzen, and on the way learned that Don Don Donki was newly open here, on the Digital floor, right at the end of Asian Avenue.

Sen Sen Sushi

We tried our luck and got a private room, no minimum spending was required. We asked the waiter if we can purchase from Don Don Donki, since the restaurant currently doesn’t serve sashimi. They only serve sushi at the time being. Yes, we can.

From what we see, they only have 3 – 4 private rooms, around 20 tables in the public area

Price Warrior

1. Uni

They placed uni right at the entrance

RM18.90/pc or RM217.90 per box

a. forgot to take pic


See also: Crave for sea urchin in Puchong?

2. Salmon Sashimi

Range from RM20 to RM40

We should’ve get the RM30 one, which was in thicker cut and much more appetizing.

3. Waygu on a stick

Small at RM9, big at RM15, premium at RM20

The most tasty deal of that day

There was no queue when we ordered.

4. Long long man

My friend was searching for the candy but I heard it was out of stock

5. Pork Curry Katsu

Taste better than the pork belly

6. Fresh Wasabi

Not exactly freshly ground in front of us. But it is also not wasabi out of a tube.

7. Tuna Trio

8. Shirasu (silver fish)

Ate them with rice and soy sauce. It’s completely tasteless. Slightly salty.

9. Price per head


There were three of us, 1 man 2 women.

Uni Sushi RM18.90 per pc
sen sen sushi jonetz don don donki Sunway pyramid
Salmon sashimi (RM20)
sen sen sushi don don donki Sunway pyramid
Wagyu BBQ – Big (RM15/stick)

Tuna Trio
Udang Manis (RM8.80/2sushis)

My best purchase of the day Natto RM7.50/3packet
Salmon nigiri (RM25.90/8pcs)
where to eat uni in Puchong
Meal for 3pax

Sen Sen Sushi by Don Don Donki Sunway Pyramid

Operating hour

I heard they stayed open till 12am

Sen sen Sushi @Jonetz by Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki @Tropicana Gardens


In comparison, Tropicana outlet has smaller crowd. I noticed the price is somewhat lower in Tropicana too. For example, 8pcs of Salmon nigiri is RM25.90/8pcs in Sunway; RM21.90/8pcs in Tropicana

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