Review: AVIVA Yoga Pants

I am practicing yoga and always have trouble getting an affordable and suitable pants.

Yoga practitioner

I can wear other pants to run around, lift weights. But when it comes to yoga, I need a pair of pants that offers great flexibility.

Air permeability

Yes, I can wear Aviva pants all day. Even to outings like cafe, scrolling the shopping mall.

Body Shaping

It hides my belching stomach, but does not compress my hip at all. It leaves a necessarily curve for casual wearing.

Limited Choice

I remember they have very limited choice up on Zalora.

Worth it?


Although my first choice is still lululemon Align series.

Shopee Pants

I’ve bought the RM20 shopee yoga pants, so you don’t have to

1. Rubbery polyester vs cotton

A bad quality yoga pants really does affect my practice.

2. Cutting & design

The fabric and cutting generally is compressing every inch of my leg, especially my hips. My hip looks completely flat wearing the pants.

It feels uncomfortable, but i’ll keep telling myself it only cost RM20.

Camel toes. Yes.

Yoga pants by Aviva, a review

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Author: Donalisa

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