About me

I am a half Puchong and half Petaling blood.

My parents and I live in Taman Mawar Puchong, but I practically grew up in PJ old town with my grandparents. Schooled in PJ old town from kindy to high school.

I never want to admit I am a puchong-ian, because I think puchong people back then were rude, IOI Mall’s toilet is nasty and the traffic jam a vivid nightmare. And most importantly, my parents never spent fun time as a family in Puchong, so my memory towards Puchong as a kid is fade and blur.

When I was younger, Puchong had much less active shop lots. My parents bought a house here because they couldn’t afford housing in Petaling Jaya. Throughout my kindergarten to the last day I studied in Catholic High School, never a day we don’t have to stuck 2-3 hours in the traffic.

The Sri Manja route is finally operating when I enter uni. The road was there the entire time, it was in closure for the last 20 or so years.

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Being a puchongian, I drive a incredibly high mileage, and contribute a lot of toll money.

Because we are blessed with toll-gated highways here.

Kesas and LDP highway practically leads you to everywhere, and both highways are only 5 minutes away from our Kinrara house.

16 Sierra

Until I was 26 years old, we decided to move to 16 Sierra, a total country side of Puchong. Bigger house, and my father had a thing with our Taman Mawar (Kinrara) house facing the T junction. Feng shui issues.

That’s when i suddenly appreciate the location of our house. Uncle don was 8 minutes away. At 16 Sierra, nothing is 8 minutes away, at least not back then.

I bet you’ve heard the Passengers sing, “only know you love her when you let her go~“

Back to PJ

I currently reside in PJ.

Merely 4 years living in 16 Sierra, I was married and had to move to PJ Jalan Gasing with my husband.

Then I missed Puchong even more. I almost cannot believe, Puchong traffic is actually better.

The Gasing house (actually right next to PJ Old town) is far away from good highways. Federal highway sucks. Because its an older area, free space between houses is limited. We have to fight for parking, even though we lived in a three storey terrace house. Back in Sierra, my father has 3 cars (he collects car after we moved to Sierra). Our 4-pax family have 6 cars.


Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

The day I feel like I am a true Puchong-ian is, the day I learnt to cut queue in traffic. I felt like, I finally blend in. I know which lane would lead me home faster, which would do the opposite. When I queue and people cut queue in front of me, I habitually reason that they are either late for piano class, or have a really full bladder. If the car in front of me seems like he’s not sure which lane to take, that driver must not be a Puchong resident, he must’ve came from elsewhere. Because, only God and Puchong-ian knows where the Puchong fly-overs would bring you.

When they double park without leaving phone numbers, it must be… Well, this one I still haven’t figure out a reason why. Maybe they don’t have pen or papers.

I get more and more forgiving towards fellow puchong-ian. Or possibly I am simply tired of our own weird behavior.

About me

I love trying new things, within a restrained budget. But I don’t mind travelling to places.

I love mingle with friends, I am also a loner. Life is fun, at the same time, it can be heart-breaking.

If I were to describe myself with 1 word, that would be “Imperfect”, if three words “Imperfect so what, I’m pedaling hard here, can’t you see? Wait I need a rest.”

They were some unfortunate events in my life, there were times I hold on to the crucifix and had no idea what’s going to happen next.

I struggle while trying to find joy and balances in everything.

If you are a clueless person like me, or that you have anything to share, feel free to write and inspire me: liew.onemachine@gmail.com

Affiliate corporations are welcome, especially for new business in Puchong. That’s the title of my blog after all.


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