Tuak Rice Wine (Sarawak) @ Puchong Perdana

Tuak is a traditional alcoholic beverage origin from Sarawak, an important part of the Gawai Festive celebration.

It’s a mild yellow liquid, usually served in 500ml mineral water bottle, or 1500ml if you are bringing it home.

1. The taste

The taste is close to Korean Makgeoli, sweet, a little bubbly as result of carbonation during the process.

2. Storage

Room temperature.

Served chill.

3. Packaging

As a traditional drink, Tuak majorly appears in Malaysia market as a homemade beverage.

If you got a Tuak that is bottled in pretty glass bottles, it is possibly not authentic.

4. Delivery

Collection from Puchong Perdana. Lalamove and Grab express.

5. Contact




2 thoughts on “Tuak Rice Wine (Sarawak) @ Puchong Perdana

  1. John Kalaimuthu

    Hi Puchong-ian … I live in Puchong, too. Do you still make tuak? I want to buy for my daughter’s wedding. Call me 018-7674 204 (Pastor John)

    1. puchongian

      Dear Pastor, thank you for your email. Any other enquiry, you may drop me an email at liew.onemachine@gmail.com

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