Private yoga class in Puchong

I signed up for private yoga classes right at my house, in Puchong.

private yoga class Puchong
Private yoga lessons @ Puchong

I’ve always wanted to try 1 to 1 yoga session, so I searched around for private yoga class available in Puchong.

1. Location

The teacher lives in PJ but she teaches around in Puchong. The teacher usually comes to my apartment in the evening.

2. Cost

I signed up for RM360, available for six classes (and free 1 online class). Each class lasts 1 hour 10 minutes. It doesn’t have an expiry date.

A yoga class generally cost RM30 out there. Since I don’t fancy travel out recently, the other 30 bucks compensate for my busy schedule, travelling time and petrol.

3. Meditation

The favourite part I love about our class, is the meditation part. She includes what feels like 10 minutes of meditation at the end of the class.

4. Who signs up?

1. Moms

Mom with kids

The teacher held classes at student’s house, for moms who have kids that need an eye on.

Prenatal yoga

Post natal yoga

For moms who need gentle workout.

2. Beginner who is not confident, yet


Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

According to the teacher, she started off as a very inflexible person. So she understands how it feel having inflexible hamstring and stubborn hip. She includes forgiving cues during the practice, something that sounded like:

“It’s okay if you can’t touch your feet, just relax your lower back at each breath”

I’ve went to yoga classes where the teacher used to learn ballet in their youth, and I even met one who jokes when she teaches inflexible student.

Post-injury / recovery

3. Yogis with odd schedule

Commercial yoga classes are usually held in the early morning or evening before 8pm. I once have class as late as 9:15pm

I went to bed right after that class.

4. Those who doesn’t have motivation to work out alone

Or travel out of the house. I am constantly mental fighting between losing weight and working out. In the end, I stayed sitting on the couch and did nothing.

5. Worth it?

It’s worth to sign up since there’s no expiry date, and have the class once or twice a month. I’ll most probably sign up again after I have kids. For now, I can still go to group classes.

Private yoga class in Puchong

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