Early morning Yoga Class @ Bukit Jalil

Align Yoga, located at Bukit Jalil. The studio starts their early morning class at 7:30am daily, all seven days a week.

1. Daily class @ 7:30am

Unlike most yoga classes, at Align Yoga they are offering 70 minutes, 10 minutes more than conventional 1 hour classes.

Their yoga teachers tend to extend or end the class at 75 or 80 minutes, definitely not rushing it.

Align Yoga @ Bukit Jalil

Address: C-6-3, The Link 2 @ Bukit Jalil

2. Feature Teacher

Mikyung Shin

Mikyung is the featured Korean teacher in this studio, and the reason why I kept signing up package after package.

Best Yoga studio experience ever! Mikyung is highly trained, knowledgeable, and very attentive to each person who practices with her. I’ve never experienced a class quite as good as hers. If you are in KL, please stop by for a class. You will be drawn to her positive energy and amazing practices. It’s an experience that stands out in my mind.

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In Mikyung class, I would hear uniform breathing, inhale and exhaling through out the class. I thought it was an audio played by the speaker during my first few classes. Turn out its the breathing sound from students around me. It is astonishing that Teacher MikYung can conduct a class that gets everyone focus in that way.

In terms of poses, I can see myself improve gradually in her class. She would use gentle cues to remind each of us to go further, beyond your comfort zone.

3. Yoga Type

Teacher Mikyung’s teaching style is influenced by Prana Vashya. The practice bring balance and control to the mind and body using breath as a tool.

4. Early morning yoga (Bukit Jalil)

I’ve tried and searched for morning yoga classes around me, this is the earliest one around my area, petaling jaya.

Other studio tends to start at 8am or later.

5. Facilities

Cleanliness 5/5.

I heard from the other yogis, cleanliness is one of the reason they were attracted to this studio.

The teachers will clean the wooden panel floor as soon as the class is over.

You can hardly find a strand of hair, and definitely nothing of sticky floor.

They do not have mirror in the studio, zero distraction for your yoga practice. Because yes, I tend to look at the mirror 50% of the time if the studio has a mirror in front of me, it can be annoying at times.

6. Parking

I often park at the bus stop, FOC. Since I always attend the earliest session, parking isn’t an issue.

In the evening, their basement parking is affordable at RM2 (2 hours).

7. Fee

I’ve never seen price slash or promotions with this Align Yoga.

Their prices range from RM20 to RM30 per class.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

The schedule is another thing I like about this studio. They are using punchpass.com, where it allows very high flexibility to your schedule. We can cancel 12 hours before the class starts, and the passes has reasonalble expiry date. My 24 passes would expired in 6 months. It could’ve mean they encourage at least 1 class per week.

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