Roof Top Bar @ Petaling Jaya

Sala @ PJ Sheraton Hotel

Sala Roof Top Bar

Sala, a roof top bar located at Petaling Jaya, has an on-going happy hour promotion on weekdays until 9pm

The main reason I love paying visits here.

I can’t help but put “rooftop” and “expensive” in one sentence. I just did. Be that as it may, Sala Bar @ Sheraton PJ is an exception.

RM15 each mug of draught tiger beer.

Their food is most probably from the Sheraton kitchen, judging on how long it took them to prepare. Pizzas and quesadillas are good, 4/5. Ranging from RM21-RM30.

Roof Top Bar (Petaling Jaya)

Sala is rather a bistro bar than a restaurant.

They serve simple food such as tacos and skewers with relaxed and lounging environment.


Booking might not be required. But it’s my habit to make a booking after MCO (Movement Control Order), as everywhere is flood with people, and Sala bar is actually quite

Price Tag


Event Space

and that’s my mom

We went on a rainy evening, it’s rather difficult to capture good pictures, with my already-pathetic cameral skill.

You can rent the place for your birthday parties, anniversaries, ROM dinner.

Casual Setting

Unlike other roof top diners, Sala is down to earth and does not stress their guest from outfit to wallet.

We usually eat a simple meal before visiting Sala, or have supper after Sala.

Check out restaurant nearby that’s worth visiting.

1. PJ Lok-Lok Car

2. Satay Yunus @ PJ New Town

Date: 8 Jun 2022

Author: DonaLiew

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