How much does angiogram cost in PPUM?

My mum underwent a heart surgery in PPUM mid of year 2022.

Early of the year, my mum had a chest pain (mild heart attack) when she was working in the office.

At the drop of a hat, she put down everything on hand a drove to PPUM.

The doctor said that based on what he seen, my mom might needs a bypass surgery.

1. Angiogram

Angiography alone cost RM600.00

Yes. Six hundred ringgit only.

2. Total Cost


My mom underwent angiography, which reveals that no blockage hence there’s no further procedure such as angioplasty with stents and bypass.

Besides the RM600, PPUMP charges RM210 per night in ICW (Interventional Cardiology Ward), three night costs RM630. The room fits only one patient. She had the whole room to herself for three nights, and complaint about the freezing aircond every few hours. It is no wonder when I came to discharge her and mentioned her name, the nurses went “ohhhh, XXX”. It’s either they found my mom cute or annoying.

We heard from friends a patient discharged ICW with final bill around RM8,500. We weren’t sure what procedures were involved, so, limited informations. For stents PPUMP charges each stent with a fix price.

3. Deposit required


She collected the refund the following week, not upon discharge because it was a Saturday.

4. Service provided


Bring your own tooth brush, toiletries, blanket, and thermos.

That’s what my mom would suggest.

They did not supply extra blanket, they ran low on supplies.

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