Hyperhidrosis on the Scalp

Hyperhydrosis on scalp

Hyperhidrosis is when one sweats more than he/she needs to regulate body temperature. Hyperhidrosis most commonly affected the palms, underarm, soles, scalp, it also can affect the whole body.

In the morning, departing to work

Scalp is drowned in sweat


a. Weather in Malaysia

Malaysia is in summer all year round.

b. Drink coffee

Yes. I am a regular coffee drinker

c. Age

born in the 1990s. Sweating on the scalp and face started around my secondary school years. It get worse when I’m older than 28.

It only affects my days after I’m 28. Sweat rolls into my eyes every half a minute.

Other times, I only need to shower frequently, and God bless, it doesn’t brings me unpleasant body odour.

How it affects the quality of life

1. Head is wet at all time

Make up is possible. I love make up. But it has to be done in an air conditioned room not higher than 23 degree celcius.

2. Water sport

I prefer water sport than any other sport. This way the sweat can disguise as water droplets.

It doesn’t affect how I love sports though. I always wear a head band during yoga, dancing, hiking, playing golf. Else the sweat will affect my visibility.

Because I sweat easily, all workout is deemed effective on me. 2 minutes on treadmill made me looks like I’ve been running for the last 30 minutes.

Hyperhidrosis on the scalp is honestly much blessed than other region. Sweating on the palm affects almost everything you do, while scalp sweating only embarrass you a little.

3. God is fair, I almost don’t sweat from waist down

My hyperhidrosis only take place on the scalp. I’m quite dry from the waist down, or neck down.

4. Odourless

I am sweating on the scalp. As long as I make sure I keep my hair clean, had them washed everyday, my sweats are almost odourless.

There are times I “forgot” to wash my hair, then I can smell a sourish scent off my head.

So I had to make sure I wash my hair EVERYDAY.

I had been using The Body Shop ginger shampoo for the past few years.

Hair | Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner - The Body Shop

Regular drug store brand could not keep my hair fresh more than 24 hours.

For example, Pantene, Sunsilk, Dove, Head and Shoulder, TRESemme, Diane, these can only keep my head fresh for about 12-15 hours, depending how hot was the day. It means if I wash my hair in the morning before work, it starts smelling when I eat dinner with my colleagues. Other won’t smell it, but I can certainly smell and had my mood affected.

If I wash at night, I will start smelling bad in the next afternoon.

Using bodyshop ginger shampoo, I can wash my hair before sleep, and repeat the next evening. If I wash in the morning, I can still go to sleep and wash again the next morning.

Fresh and clean hair

5. Hyperhidrosis patient is majority female

And the most affected sites are their palms.

An all time sweating palms are much more headache than sweating on the scalp.

I have a piano student, who is talented and putting lots of effort on practicing. Her keyboard will be splashed by sweat within a short frame of time. It doesn’t feel and looks good.

6. Depression is one of the most common cause

unsplash @meghan-hessler

For adult patients, obesity and hypertension is one of the most common cause.

Followed by depression.

While most young adult had them by birth, with over active sweat glands.

7. Sweating in sleep

Always have a towel on my pillow.

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