Review: French dining, Terrasse Cafe & Bistro @ SS17

French cuisine at ss17, Petaling Jaya

It’s a restaurant that serves French cuisine in cafe style. It is perfect for my date, because in his mind set, French dining comes with strict dress code, while he is most comfortable in his Uniqlo T-shirt.

1. Satisfactory French Cuisines

I had dined in this restaurant twice when I wrote this article.

Limited food choices, good news for people who had a hard time making decision off the menu, also a guarantee that the food can’t be bad, since the chef focused on his signature dishes.

The menu includes most of the classic dishes, duck confit, bourguignon, canard, risotto, fricassee.

Duck Confit

Flavourful whole leg, well cured, melt-in-your-mouth tender, just enough crispy skin, perfumed with herbs and spices.

It may not be the best duck confit in the world, but it definitely ticks all the boxes that gets you an A+.

The portion is definitely not enough for me, so I ordered the set dinner, which comes with appetiser and dessert, a big enough slice of cheese cake I chose.

French dining Terrasse Cafe SS17

Beef Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon gives me more surprise compared to the last one.

It serves in a fancy plates, tastes like medieval comfort food, I couldn’t help to finish the plate within 10 minutes.

Aperitif: Smoked salmon Salsa, Prawn cocktail, Mushroom Soup

Overall the food felt like comfort foods to me. It doesn’t mean I can replicate any of these at home, not at all. The entire dinner I felt like eating at home, small talk with friends, warm and satisfactory.

2. Perfect for TGIF gathering

Unpretentious and laid-back setting, this is the perfect place to go and you can be comfortable with the ambient.

Most of my girlfriends are not custom to drinking, the place serves cocktails, draught beer, and the ladies’ favourite wine, Moscato and riesling.

3. It won’t burnt a hole in your wallet

The price is average at RM100 per pax without alcohol.

A beer is selling at RM18, cocktail from RM40, and wine from RM150.

They also serve coffee and cocktails for the non-alcoholics.

4. Cocktails

I am not a cocktail person, but I’ve tried a Shy Man because I liked the texture and whiff of egg white, it reminds me of eggnog.

Shy Man, a cocktail with Egg White and Lime

5. Does not serve baguette

Photo by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash

It’d be nice if they serve a few slices before the aperitif.

A duck leg is far from enough for me. I finished the meal in slight disappointment. If I was prepared by a few slices of bread, everything would be in apple-pie order.

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