Ikan Haruan 生鱼 in Puchong

Ikan Haruan, also known as Snakehead fish, snakehead murrel, Channa striatus or 生鱼,is a freshwater fish known to accelerate wound-healing and surgery recovery in Malaysia.

生鱼 puchong

Study shows that it contains the important amino acids and fatty acids that are required in the process of cell growth.

Important amino acids of the fish include glycine, lysine and arginine, while its fatty acids are arachidonic acid, palmitic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. 

Shafri, M., & Abdul Manan, M. J. (2012). Therapeutic potential of the haruan (Channa striatus): from food to medicinal uses. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition18(1).

When my father went through his surgery, I found it rather troublesome to find Ikan Haruan( 生鱼)supplier in Puchong

So here I’m sharing the contact that sells 生鱼 nearby Puchong

生鱼 Puchong

1. Ivy @ Kajang

Contact: +60 17-764 182nine

Fish Farming

Ivy supplies Ikan Haruan from her fish farm. It is not wild caught.

They guarantee the freshness of their Ikan Haruan, because they catch on order, it is NOT FROZEN.

I would arrange Grab Express to collect the fish from Ivy‘s Ikan Haruan. For this reason, I usually had Ivy catch, cut, clean, and freeze the fish for me, so it won’t make the Abang Grab vehicle stinks. It generally cost RM15 to RM20, from Ivy’s 生鱼 place to Bandar Puteri Puchong.

2. Haruan Fish Extract

I really couldn’t find another supplier for Haruan Fish, so I buy Haruan fish essence to standby at home. The essence comes in bottle, so it save up the hassle to cook and prepare the dish.

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