Affordable Japanese Cuisine in Puchong

We have a big family and often search for affordable dinner place.

At Puchong, we found a few affordable Japanese restaurants that are friendly to your wallet.

1. Washoku Japanese Restaurant BK5 和食

Washoku hás a sushi belt, menus with lots of choices. It’s pretty much the same concept as Sushi Zanmai, they serve from Sashimi to affordable lunch bentos.

Their salmon head in soup is selling only RM9.90

At Washoku, I ate fish eye balls for the first time.

It tastes just like other parts of the fish, with a fish belly fats texture.

2. Warakuya Japanese Restaurant 和乐屋

This one is more premiere than the previous one. Because they would hand you a towel as you settle down.

They also have more choices of alcohol beverages here, for the dads.

3. Minato Yakitori

This is a restaurant needs queueing.

4.Shin Zushi

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