Omakase in Puchong

We went for a casual style Omakase yesterday in Puchong, nearby IOI boulevard.

Finally we don’t have to travel out of Puchong to fine dine

Warakuya Japanese Dining

omakase in Puchong
Omakase in Puchong

We didn’t even now this place serves omakase

Omakase at Puchong

I saw this little whiteboard while having lunch at Warakuya

1. Booking is required

Well it’s required in our case, because I demanded to eat Uni.

They might not have that every day, so better we call and ask ahead.

Photo by Tuan Nguyen on Unsplash

2. No menu

Photo by Tuan Nguyen on Unsplash

Usually when we go for omakase, we are provided with a “menu”. It only states the price though, not revealing what they will bring to your table, and give the various prices mysterious Japanese names. Japanese food, Malaysian style. Definitely we don’t want to come out of the restaurant in debt.

The “menu” made things faster, secure and easier. We would point at a price, then we were ready to be fed

Here at Warakuya, it was almost an interview. The captain asked what fish do we prefer, what style do we like, what drinks would we like to go with our food, and many other questions which deemed too complicated for us, there’s too many decisions to make, not to mention it was already 8:00pm when we arrived at the place.

In the end I remember telling the captain, we want to go for RM250 per pax, can you see what your team can impress us at the price range? End of story.

3. Our RM288 per pax package

The captain set for us an RM288 per pax package (after tax RM335.25)

4. RM500 minimum spend for a private room

The room sits 12 adults.

We have only 2 person that night.

Nonetheless, the room is worth it. It cancels off noise from outside, we can chat comfortably.

Every time they slide the door open, we felt like we’re in pasar (wet market)

The Ambience

The wait

The Food


uni sushi in Puchong
Uni, lobster, caviar, gold leaves

This appetiser left us a minute wordless. I just wanted to shut my mouth and let the flavour stays.

It was so good, I was worried this was going to be the best dish of the night.

2/7 – Nigiri and Sushi

uni sushi in Puchong

From left to right, Uni with gold flakes


Foei gras scallop


The nigiri to be honest isa bit disappointing.

It was a good sushi, but after the first dish, the ottoro tastes overly normal.

I later asked the captain after we’re done with the 4th dish. He explained that Warakuya does not specialise in Nigiri. Their rice might be too sourish, the grain is one size smaller and overall affect the combination.

3/7 – Abalone with Yuzu, miso sauce

4/7 – Sashimi in Warakuya style

Karaho (Fresh Scallop)

Seasoned Tai in spoon, with fermented yuzu sauce, very refreshing

Hamachi sashimi, Ottoro Sashimi

5/7 – fruits platter

6/7 – Dessert

Cherry blossom raindrop cake

7/7 – special request

I let Captain J.J knows by the end of the meal, I still didn’t feel full.

He landed this big pot of soup in front of us.

It’s a big bowl of miso based soup filled with salmon, and what I suspected was shiro maguro.

The service

Stefan Schauberger

Captain J.J was very passionate on serving us.

He carefully tailored our menu, after we decided on the price, he communicated with the chef that we want to include sea urchin in the meal, and answered our questions patiently

Staff knowledge

We slowly realised that only Captain knows about our food.

The other came in and out hastily and only refilled our teacups. When I asked for ginger, I almost feel sorry that I added their workload

After they were done with refilling, they did not clean our used dish right away.

This is slightly different from other places. We used to have our dining area swiped clean a minute after each serve.

Do you mind to close our door properly?

I believe its the door issue. It should slide close automatically. Somehow it didn’t.

So the staff walked out of the door leaving about 1 – 2 feet opened everytime.

It spoilt the ambience. Like we were in deep discussion, and the sudden pasar noise made us forgot what we were talking about. We then calmly sipped our green tea, and see if anyone care to notice the door gap.

5. Affordable package (as low as RM100)

We went for RM288 per pax, but they have something as affordable as RM100 per pax, and as premier as RM450 per pax.

Presumedly they upgrade/downgrade the ingredient, but same amount of food.

Be warned that you must not compare Warakuya to other Omakase place. Their place might not be as 5 stars as you’ve expected, their food is what we truly paid for.

6. Chinese style

We can feel that the restaurant is operated in typical Chinese style.

Fancy kitchenware so you can take good photos. Large room where you can celebrate birthday.

The last omakase we ate on a cutting board.

7. Would we visit again?


8. KTV room

They mentioned they have a KTV room. I’m not a fan. You may call for inquiry.

9. They charged us RM1 for green tea


I only thought about this the next day.

The moment we finished our food, we were so satisfied, I even said the green tea is of good value, because I must had about 10 refills throughout 2 hours dining.

Now I think about it, shouldn’t it be included in the package?


10. Wheelchair

We sat on the ground floor. So they do have private dining room that is wheelchair friendly.

In their Sri Petaling branch I brought my grandma. They helped unloading us, block the jalan so I can load the wheelchair in my car, help pushing our wheelchair at every turn and slope.

Thank you for your great service

I felt VVIP the entire time

11. Parking

FOC. There were plenty of MPSJ free parking outside the restaurant.

For the first time we don’t have to pay RM15 for parking. Since the other omakase are mostly happening in KL.

12. They presented the food with gold flakes

maybe you’ll find it insta worthy.

13. Why do I go for Omakase?

Definitely not for instagram.

I love the experience of getting wowed by new food ingredients, the environment, and the chef creativity.

It’s like bringing my palette to a strange yet exciting playground.

I wonder how the omakase chefs react to food orgasms faces everyday.

Updated 3 Mar 2022


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