Where to learn Open Water Diving in KL?

A review on Long Adventure Diving Package

I logged my 80th dive this month.

I’ve went to different trips with different people staying at different resorts.

Looking back, my first open water dive was like yesterday to me. 4 years back, I had my open water license with Long Adventure Outdoor Sport, in short LA, located in Klang.

Long Adventure Outdoor Sport

1. Pool lessons

This one is important. You need to be prepared before submerge into the mythical sea.

At Long Adventure (LA) they have salt water pool to simulate the ocean water.

For me personally, I didn’t get the ideal of CESA, Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent, which is a critical test in the Open Water Course.

So I had one extra pool lesson FOC at Klang before we departed to the island.

Once we get to the island, we don’t have to worry about removing mask, clear mask, and other test that might make diver panic. I remember everything was pretty fun and relaxing during my first dive.

2. Reliable service

1:3 DM: Student Ratio

During our open water dive, they arranged one divemaster (DM) to take care of 3 students, while there will be an instructor, and an extra DM to oversee the group as a whole.

After our AOW, they were lack of staff because MCO revenge travelling season. LA hired local DM to look after us fun divers. So they are not those business that reduce service quality to increase profit.

3. Full equipment for life

Photo by Paxton Tomko on Unsplash

At LA they won’t charge you equipment fee as long as you join their diving trip.

4. Fun trip

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Come on its a recreational activity. You’re not fixing oil rig pipeline down there. Let’s have fun!

That’s the great part of LA trip, you get to mingle with new people.

Drink session on each night so you can break the ice little by little.

I’ve been with resort dive centre, and all you get is couples who don’t want to talk to stranger. You can only talk to the boatman and staff.

In the island, all divers are friendly. They don’t have enough time to turn into jerk with that 4D3N trip, busy with full day boat dives and drinking sessions.

5. Videographer

You might want to bring your own gopro. The DM is more than willing to take pictures for you.

Bringing your own gopro so you don’t have to worry about data transferring on the island.

During our Sipadan trip, they hired professional videographer. I didn’t know until we dive into the water.

If I knew it, I would probably wear my wedding dress. The service was so premium.

6. Their instructor

My instructor is the only Malay instructor in the diving academy. Although we couldn’t’ talk underwater, while on the land, she answers all my question patiently.

And she’s always around. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. You don’t have to worry about losing your instructor.

7. Promotion

Later I will talk about their con which is pricey package. Their package is generally higher than other places, but they give free gifts that compensate the difference in price.

I’ve got a RM400 voucher on equipment for Open Water, where I grabbed my dive suit.

A pair of long fin when going for free dive.

Make sure you ask properly if they have any free gift.

7. The Cons

– they can be pretty busy

on replying messages, answering your question before the trip, managing your equipment.

– LA can be more pricey than other places

but the boss always buy us (unlimited) drinks, which worth the price way back

Also, they always give good hotel. I never have one sleepless night with LA.

I’d say their hotel is always 3.5 stars and above.

Oh, the free gift. DOn’t forget to claim your free gift.

Tips for open water

1. get yourself a pair of snorkelling socks

if you’re not getting any equipment at all.

As open water diver, you’ll have to expect a lot of walking on stones and dead coral, especially on Terengganu Island.

The stones on the shore jabbed you on both foot, and you feel the pain in your heart. Did I mention you have to carry heavy tanks while stepping on the not visible stones? It feels like some sort of Thaipussam ceremony.

Once you get any open wounds, the trip would be less fun.

2. if you have budget, get booty and fin

You kick better with a pair of good fin, you also stand out among all the OW diver wearing banana fins.

A review on Long Adventure Open Water Diving

Author: DonaLiew

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