Satay Yunus at PJ State

Satay Yunus, operating by En Sukri is located at PJ State, also known as PJ New Town.

Satay Yunus

Satay @PJ New Town

1. The taste

The taste is a bit too sweet to my taste, but acceptable.

The gravy (peanut gravy) is just nice.

Meat is really tender, with balance meat and skin ratio 7:3

2. The menu

I’ve never tasted their daging or kambing, (beef and mutton), but its on the menu.

Satay Yunus

3. Operating time

Not sure.

The satay stall is always there when I visit. I guess they start operating somewhere around 5:30pm till 10:00pm

Sometimes when I get there 9pm plus, its already sold out.

4. Serving time

About the time you need the satay to be cooked tenderly. En Sukri is very nice though, he always gives me extra timun+bawang as I requested.

5. To order

En Sukri – 011 – 3691 xxxx

Last four digit = 7493 minus 1111

Address: Restoran Kam Heong

No8, Jalan Tengah, Bandar Baru Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

You can always order and arrange grab driver to pick up for you, if you are not living too far away.

Malaysia Satay

6. Good table manners

This one is to us diners. Always have good table manners wherever you dine.

  • be nice to your chef
  • be nice to you waiter/waitress
  • after you are done, keep your dining area tidy so its easier for others to clean up.

Beside satay, Ramly Burger is another national treasure in Malaysia. Check out this juicy Ramly burger store from few kilometres away.

Satay Yunus @ PJ State

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