Lok Lok car @ PJ Digital Mall

Let’s explore the lok lok truck in front of PJ Digital Mall.

Lok lok, a Malaysian street food where we put meat on sticks, dip them into hot water (occasionally tomyam, curry) and later munch on the stick, with flooding chill sauce

These lok lok street food is on a vehicle, the driver cum chef will park at a place, generally operating from evening to midnight.

The lok lok car used to serve only steamboat, and slowly evolve to steamboat + bbq + calorie loaded deep frying goodness.

There are lok lok lorry at many places, but I will start counting from the one closest to me, also the tastiest for me.

1. King Fat One Lok Lok @ PJ Digital Mall

Operating hours – 6pm – 12am

Business days – Monday to Sunday

Boil, grill, deep fry, redemption of the soul.

lok lok pj digital mall
Deep fried lok lok
lok lok pj digital mall
Malaysian Style Yakitori
Malaysia street style yakitori
Deep fried oyster mushroom @RM2.50

2. Contact to order

Mr Lun – 017 947 16 four eight (Monday to Thursday)

If you are having trouble getting out of the house, you may call to order, and arrange collection by Grab.


Digital Mall, 2, Jalan 14/20, Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

3. Worth it?

This is my favourite lok-lok car in PJ because of its taste, freshness, also for the positive attitude of the operator, the chef.

This is my affordable yakitori when I have craving. I usually spend RM30 if I came with an empty stomach, and another RM4 to buy sugar free green tea at family mart.

If you are still hungry after the lok lok round, you can always look for Ramly burger that is selling on the same street.

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