Aerial Yoga in Puchong

I signed up for aerial yoga class in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

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Beginner Aerial Hoop
aerial hoop Puchong
Beginner Aerial Hoop

1. Hammock (Silk) and Hoop

I went for aerial hoop, but since they offered way more classes of aerial fly (aka aerial fly, aerial silk,

空中瑜伽,anti-gravity yoga), I go for both classes.

They also have pilates and Kpop, but very limited classes in a week.

2. No, I am not fit

Knowing what to expect during the class.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Aerial yoga level of Difficulties: 3/5

Arm and core strength is required for the classes.

I work out regularly since I was 18 years old. But I do not have six abs or infinite arm strength, just merely staying in M size dresses.

It is manageable for me.

Aerial fly is more complicated than hoop

For example, the pigeon pose needs many steps to achieve.

But aerial hoop can hurts more than fly. Aerial hoop requires support from arm almost all the time, the constant friction from hoop grip can be painful.

About dancing

I’ve never learn dancing in my life, although on and off I dance to Tiktok video hoping my crush would see it.

I let the teacher knows my level. Well they probably can see when I collapsed after three upside-down sit-ups.

I also let them know when I get confused. Which it happens so often during the class. Left hand, right knee, reverse grip the hammock with armpit hook???

The good thing is, whenever I ask, they will teach patiently. Sometime fiercely.

3. No, I don’t have hammock or hoop to practice at home

You can install one at home within RM400.

From buying the ceiling hook: RM30

hire a contractor (or someone who can use drill at your house): RM200

purchasing the hammock / hoop: RM150

4. Photography

They always have a staff stand-by to take photograph. Yes, her job is to take pretty photos of you, take attendance, on and off adjust the hammock height for you. So you don’t have to worry about having nothing to instagram story later.

aerial yoga Puchong

5. Cost

As low as RM18.50

As high as RM30.00

Walk-in price at Rm45.00

You can also share your package with one friend, terms and conditions applied.

I signed up for my first package at RM299 for 14 classes.

6. Per-entry class

They called that a walk-in class. Yes, you can pay RM45 and try their class.

Personally I took an immediate liking to my first aerial class because it’s VERY comfortable for the first 10 minutes.

It was this pose.

aerial silk Puchong
Sorry dear I don’t know who you are

There was a lot of other assisted yoga poses.

aerial yoga Puchong

I often arrive 10-15 minutes before class so I can do wheel pose without using much strength.

7. Injury

Bruises and wound

So far that is the cons from going aerial classes. In my experience, the hammock hurts more than hoop

bruises from fly yoga
blister from aerial hoop
chaffing from aerial fly


From hanging up-side down recurrently during the class.

8. Aerial Fly (Silk) Classes everyday

9. Aerial Hoop classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Other than aerial yoga in Puchong, they also have branches at Sri Petaling, SS2, Cheras South (C180) and Menjalera.

Aerial Yoga (Silk & Hoop) in Puchong

Aerial hoop for beginner

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