C major Music Sheets

I write various songs in C major for my students.

Most of them are quite skilful today, but there’s nothing wrong to make up a song within minutes.

Exam pieces can be tiring over time.

1. Always with me (C Major)


2. Jingle Bell


the other songs with this progression

  1. 莫离-鞠婧祎
  2. 分手快乐
  3. 从前说
  4. Always with me
  5. canon in D
  6. wiegenlied
  7. 终身美丽
  8. 必杀技
  9. 安静
  10. 谢谢你 (听我说谢谢你)
  11. 好心分手 (with G#)
  12. 有多少爱可以重来
    • 只是太爱你
      • 体面

1-7-6-5-4-5-1 & 4-5-3-6

  1. 阿拉斯加海湾
  2. 有点甜
  3. Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello – Bad things
  4. 遇见 孙燕姿 1-7-6-(5)-4-5-1
  5. beautiful in white
  6. Say you, Say me

3. 天空之城

minor 1-7-6-5-4-3-2-5

  1. tassels
  2. 错位时空


  1. 大鱼

4. Melancholy


  1. 黑桃A


  1. butterfly – smile (cover)

5. Pirates of the Caribbean (F key)

6. Tassels

7. Hedwig’s Theme in A minor

8. Happy Death Day

9. 三寸天堂

三寸天堂 C key

10. Chord progression practice (minor)


Feel free to use, do not forget to give credit, if its helpful or there’s any song you want me to write for you, leave a comment and let me know!

Arranger: Dona Liew

Facebook: Omey Piano Centre

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