How much is Covid stay in Malaysia private hospital?

How much we spent for Covid ICU stay at private hospital in Selangor, Malaysia?

In May 2021, my dad was tested positive and sent into a private hospital.

It is another still painful to talk about series.

My dad is having high blood, diabetes, overall not a very healthy and slightly obese person.

1. The total cost

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I’m a very straight forward person, it costs us RM97,000.00 for 11 day stay.

In case you are not Malaysian, I’ll outline the general cost of living in Malaysia.

ProductTheir Selling Price
Proton X70 (premium local 4 wheel drive)RM97,000.00
Toyota Vios 1.5G (AT)RM87,000.00
A set of double cheese burger at Mcdonald’s MalaysiaRM15.00
Room rental that fits a queen size bed easilyRM700.00
A 800FT new apartment at where we live, PuchongRM450,000.00
Malaysia cost of living, very general

2. Eight days in ICU

Once he was in, he’s in ICU for 5 days straight.

On the 6th days, the doctor decided that it’s safe enough to move him out.

About 8 hours later, he’s back in ICU. And stay for another 3 days.

3. Eleven days in total

Another 3 – 4 days in normal Covid ward to monitor his lung condition.

4. The service

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  • Answering calls

They answer EVERY calls. Thank you Sunway Medical Centre.

During those torturing 11 days, knowing my dad’s whereabout, whatabout, was more important than anything else.

  • attend to his needs

My dad is a workaholic, a profession, a very functional uncle.

But when it comes to “he-couldn’t-order-that-f*cking-coleslaw-at-KFC-selfhelp-screen, he can turn into a tantrum toddler in one second.

So I had to call the nurse multiple times for his not charging power bank, too little fruits at dinner. “They only give one blueberry, can you ask them to give like, three blueberries?”

It was so happy to hear his complains though, because there were days he left the phone idle, helpless on the ventilator. Now thinking about it I am still tearing up.

5. The deposit

We were the lucky batch. It wasn’t our peak covid numbers, (but it was the highest of all-time back then, at 3800 cases per day.

The hospital asked for RM12,000.00 deposit.

We heard later the deposit is at least RM100,000; while some hospital asked for RM250,000.00

6. The insurance company

Our Prudential insurance agent, who’s with us for more than 15 years, explained to us that because my dad’s policy is ancient, it actually would pay for the hospital stay, but it’s a pay first claim later policy.

It wasn’t in the priority in our mind that time, what important is holding tight of the kite string. To stay alive.

7. The guarantor

Upon discharged, I signed the guarantor form. So I have to bear the near 100 grand medical fee.

8. Discount

Two weeks upon discharge, SMC approved a RM3k+ discount off the total bill.

We had to attach his OKU card, his IC and write a letter to appeal for discount.

It was approved due to my dad is a senior citizen, 60 years old.

9. The payment by instalment

10. Why don’t we go to a government hospital

3 weeks before he’s covid positive, my great grand uncle passed away because of Covid in the government hospital. We were terrified, when my great grand uncle passed away, we didn’t hear from him at all. Unlike SMC, no one is border to pick up your call and check the status of your loved one. A few days after my great grand uncle stopped picking up calls, their sons were informed the dreadful news.

With what happened to someone so close to us, we dare not to move him out of SMC.

It was about making one step at a moment. We thought he would only stay a few days in norma ward, not 8 days in ICU hanging on dearly on ventilator.

Covid positive, private hospital, Sunway Medical Centre, Malaysia

The series of unfortunate events led me to mild depression and I am still recovering from it. Check out my other post and see what affordable activities I signed up to feel well on the recovery route.

His Selfie

My brave dad on ventilator

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