How much does hearing aid cost in Malaysia?

How much does a hearing aid cost in Malaysia?

1. The Cost


Very straightforward huh. If you are interested to know more, carry on reading.

2. Midvalley Listening Lab

A patient and professional specialist

My grandma had hearing problem sometimes ago. I went to this hearing aid clinic in SS2, but the lady (rather young as well), got quite impatient when my grandma couldn’t control the joystick.

She needs my grandma to press the joystick if she hears a “dit” sound. So the computer can track at what frequency/volume she can still hear.

How to Read an Audiogram and Determine Degrees of Hearing Loss

Since my grandma is near deaf, I couldn’t convey the message to her, about pressing joystick if she hears anything. In the end nothing happened at all, she wasn’t responsive throughout the consultation. But she did complained the air-cond was too cold multiple times. She can’t hear, but she can talk, in a loud voice, possibly because she can’t hear what herself is saying.

With much disappointment. We walked out the door.

Months later, because MCO, I contacted Midvalley Listening Lab at 2pm and ask if we can make a drop-in visit, without a proper appointment.

Midvalley Listening Lab

On the phone I explained to Mr Singh I have an off day, and we were not far away from Midvalley. Mr Singh told me that he will have patient at that time, but we’re still welcome. If we have to wait, he suggested we can wait at the many coffee shops upstairs.

As we got to the place at 4pm, at Midvalley basement, the last patient just done with his appointment and was walking out the door. We were in luck.

3. The test

hearing aid price Malaysia

Different from the previous hearing centre in SS2, Mr Singh was very patient. From putting on earphone until my grandma finally heard the “dit” sound and pressed the joystick, it taken a total 40 minutes.

She didn’t press the joystick actually, but Mr Singh was very observant, he noticed an expression change on my grandma. He said in a brief second, my grandma widened her eyes. That was the sign of hearing something after a long while.

Continue from there, Mr Singh test at the nearby frequencies, and my grandma started to understand, she pressed the joystick.

About an hour later, the chart was done.

3. Programable

hearing aid free consultation Malaysia
programmable hearing aid at Listening Lab Midvalley

It is the programming that cost the money if you ask me.

Mr Singh then programmed a hearing aid using the chart, and had my grandma to put on.

4. About the cheap RM200 Siemens hearing aid I got on Taobao

I got an RM200 or RM250 hearing aid from Taobao years ago.

Did it work?


It was an amplifier. The piece worked well for 2-3 years until it retires.

Since it was an amplifier, it amplifies everything. To my grandma, it’s very uncomfortable to wear. Unneeded sound like car honk sounds deafening, soft tune like her granddaughter singing voice not heard, or when I play the piano, she can only parts of it. Now imagine a Chopin Nocturne but having internet lag.

As soon as she puts it on, she wants to take it off. She will only put it on reluctantly, if she was meeting her other grandchildren whom she meets annually.

5. I bought the cheap hearing aid on Taobao so you don’t have to

If you are facing what I just described, forget about the cheap hearing aid and get to the hearing clinic asap. Else the brain that’s responsible for hearing and speeches will degenerate like my grandma did.

6. Unable to hear speeches

I tried to talk to my grandma and she wasn’t responsive.

The Mr Singh patiently explained to me, she might not be able to hear speeches so soon, but she can hear loud sound like HELP!!! FIRE!!!!, shouting voices, or possibly the mall Christmas Carol.

So instead of talking to her face, Mr Singh had me stand at the entrance and shout my grandma’s name, and see if she turns back and look. She did.

7. Earmold

An earmold cost RM145. Mr Singh suggested to me, if I couldn’t sign up for expensive hearing aid at the moment, he can borrow us one for 2 weeks. But we have to pay for the earmold.

8. Narrowing Ear Canal

Because my grandma lost her hearing over years, the ear canal is narrowing, and will eventually collapse and down to nothing.

Thus the earmold ensures the patient feels comfortable wearing the piece.

Willing to wear is important here.

9. About more expensive models

Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash

Mr Singh explained that the more expensive models are very much like an expensive ear phone. Premium noise reduction, quality sound, realistic delivery.

Since we are budget tight and also having severe hearing loss, he didn’t walk around in this area much.

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