Cafes to Work and Study in Petaling Jaya

Recommended Cafes to Work and Study in Sunway, Petaling Jaya

I love searching for cafes to work and study or even just chill there for hours. Even chilling is more productive at the cafe compared to my own house.

1. Tedboy @ Jalan 51A/243

5 minutes drive from Federal highway at Jalan 222 exit, Tedboy and is definitely worth visiting. They have ample of parking space (FOC!), tables that are meant for two pax, just enough air conditioning that doesn’t freeze you. They are also closing early at 8pm. So plan your visit before going!

Tedboy at PJ Jalan 51a/243
Tedboy PJ Seksyen 51A Free Parking

Why worth visiting

Tedboy Cafe Suitable to hangout with your laptop
1. Decent coffee (really good)
2. superb parking
3. Plenty of powerpoint
4. Just nice air-conditioned ………………………………..
5. Plenty of single seats
6. Good wifi
7. Clean Toilet
8. Plenty of food choices

2. Grey Sky Morning @ Sunway (might not be open)

Grey sky morning used to be my favourite hang out place, but they are affected by the pandemic.

I’m not sure if they are still operating after the on and off closure due to movement control order.

Better find out before visiting.

cafe to work and study sunway
Grey Sky Morning

3. M. Laboori @SS2

Opening from Monday 10am – 10pm, the cafe is right above SS2 Murni.

The major problem with this place is, PARKING. If you are driving to this place.

At peak hours the place can be crowded and noisy, when guests visit for their distinctive vegetarian meals.

May be an image of furniture and indoor
Facebook @M’Laboori

The place is equipped with plenty of power points.

Photo Credit, Instagram @fionaloi

55A, Jalan SS22/75, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

4. BookXcess Luna Cafe @Tropicana Gardens Mall

May be an image of indoor and text that says '1000 P'
Facebook @BookXcess

Personally this is not my first choice. As a book worm, I find it difficult to concentrate when there’s so much distractions around me.

5. Doi Chang @ USJ Taipan

The is one of my favourite, because the cafe is QUIET.

The guests here came solely for business.

They either talk softly, or they work softly.

No photo description available.

6. Butty Boy Cooks @ B Land

Butty Boy Cooks sat in B Land, an instagram worthy lots, which attract lots of visitors all seven days. Next to it is the cafe that houses a huge chubby Mona Lisa, the Nippori Cafe.

cafes to study at Petaling Jaya
Butty Boy Cooks Christmas Deco 2021

Their spicy glass noodles is worth ordering. It was too sweet to my taste by the spiciness balance it out.

Parking tips: There are two parkings available at B Land, a premier one at the front, a more affordable one at the back of the building, which also connects to the gym/badminton court. The parking at the back only charge RM1 for the first four hours. While the front one charges RM2 the first hour.

I’ll only park at the front if I bring my grandma who’s on wheelchair.

Always be considerate, do not stay over the allowed visiting hours.

Address: Lot 9, B.Land, Lot 2, Jalan 51a/225, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

7. Shimmer Shine Cafe

cafe to work and study petaling jaya


This cafe is suitable for visit on weekends and night time, when there are free parkings. Unless you don’t drive. On Weekdays, parkings are occupied by office workers.

1. Ok coffee 1. parking sucks (good after working hour)
2. variety of food choices 2. People come for photography session,
so you can easily be in the background of
someone’s instagram post/story
3. Enough powerpoint
4. air-conditioned
5. Plenty of single seats
6. Good wifi
7. Friendly staff
8. FOC water

Located right next to TNB and Orange Hotel

Address: 68, Jalan 52/4, Seksyen 52 Petaling Jaya, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

8. Gasing 123

This is my most visited out of all.

Photos credit instagram @yamaniabdillah
Photos credit instagram @kerakbelanga
Photo credits instagram @caffeinetizen
1. Decent coffee (really good)1. Can get crowded at times
2. Nice food2. Food is slightly pricey
3. good parking3. Free water
4. Plenty of powerpoint
5. Just nice air-conditioned
6. Plenty of single seats
7. Good wifi
8. Clean Toilet
9. Friendly staff

9. Five Cafe

Five cafe is quite hidden because it is not located next to the main road. It’s located in a residential area.

The cafe is frequented by neighbouring residents who enjoy their morning cup of Joe here.

Be considerate and do not stay over the allowed hours

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