Golf Lessons for Female in Puchong

I signed up for 3 months golf lessons in Puchong, as a female golfer.

It took place in Bandar Kinrara Golf Club.

RM1,600 for 3 months. Unlimited Class. Available from 8am – 5pm Tuesday to Sunday. Venue at Bandar Kinrara. Full stop. Oh wait, there’s a McDonald right opposite, which is a plus point.

UPM Holdings - UniPutra Golf Club

1. Coach Riley

puchong golf lesson package
Golfer Coach Riley

I met Coach Riley at Bukit Jalil driving range few years back.

I was hitting a ball, but the ball barely fly from the mat. Sometimes it embarrassedly stay on the bat after I swing the club.

There Coach Riley saw me, and he offered me a few tips and I started to see my ball flying high and far. All happened within an hour.

I didn’t even compare price when I signed him up.

Right after, I purchased a RM650 second hand golf set at Carousell, female Mizuno, then started to get know of this wondrous sport.

2. As a female golfer

Male to female is about 8:2 or 7:3 in the academy. There are a lot of kids under age 12 as well. The academy is definitely female friendly.

3. How long till I’m ready to play in the golf course?

I paid for 6 months to get ready. I signed up the first 3 months, then I stopped for 5 months just to practice, mould things into place. At 9th month I signed up for the second package, fine tuning so I can play with my husband and other male golfer.

So it total taken me a year.

Few years later, I signed up another package, because it was fun.

4. The experience

Rinuva Golf Academy, golf lessons in Puchong

It was previously known as Bukit Jalil Golf Academy to Rinuva Golf Academy. Same coach, bigger, more comfortable place, more facilities.

What I had to prepare as a poor fresh grad

Golf glove RM100.00
Purchase golf balls each session, 100 ballsRM12.00
Purchase another 100 balls,
not uncommon for beginner
Car parkFREE
A second hand golf set from RM650
Came with iron 4,5,6,7,8,9 Driver, Wood, Putter, and the Bag
Cold Mineral WaterRM2.00
Proper Golf attire
(so you don’t look overly out of place)
9 holes game
(last you almost a day)
from RM70
18 holes game
(last you almost a day)
from RM148
based on my own experience

Sports accessories are like car accessories, the range are wide. There’s driver that’s 18k gold plated, and 10 ringgit driver cushion cover, so you won’t shine us blind.

76 BEST Golf Head Covers in 2021 (from $15)

5. About clothing rule

I suggest a visit to MST Golf Women Apparel website. Or even better, pay a physical visit. There’s one along Federal highway (JALAN 222), and another one near Sunway Pyramid.

Or check out Golfer / YouTuber Gevevieve Ling and check out what she wears to play in Malaysia Golf course. You know our weather.

Resourcefulness pays off for Genevieve Ling with new career chapter on  Women's All-Pro Tour in the US | Sports | Malay Mail
I love Genevieve Ling

6. Do you need a membership?

Not as a beginner. Yes for a long term golfer.

7. Is it weird to play alone?


As your skills build up, you’ll attract people to play together.

Also it’s a very common sport among Koreans women.

I signed up for golf lessons in Puchong, as a female

Check out cafes in Puchong you can visit after your sweaty golf session.

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