Per entry gym for Female in Petaling Jaya

Per entry gym for female in Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya

Located right before Petronas petrol station, this gym is nicely lit at night, visible from the road.

per entry gym for female in Petaling Jaya
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Per entry gym for female in Petaling Jaya

10 reasons why it’s worth it

1. Per entry at RM15.00

This is the price for peak hours, non-peak hour is less than this amount.

Their membership is at RM120.00. At this rate, it means you need to go 8 times a month to worth the price you paid.

2. Women only area

ladies only gym Petaling Jaya
ladies only gym park fitness petaling

Their first level served a machine and dumbbell area for just women user.

However, if I visit with my male friends, I will go to level 2, the men area. There are much more equipments upstairs.

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3. Classes available at 8pm every night, except for weekends

yoga studio Petaling Jaya jalan 222
gym yoga class Petaling Jaya

4. Plenty of treadmill

per entry gym for female in Petaling Jaya

Per entry gym for female in Petaling Jaya

5. Good parking spot

gym free parking Petaling Jaya

Most shops are closed at night, so there are plenty of parking spots (free!) at night. It’s also along the road side, right next to a brightly lit petrol station, so your vehicle seemed safe Parking here.

6. Shower – Yes

gym with shower Petaling Jaya

They have around 4 shower heads in the washroom. Clean and tidy. There’s also a sauna room inside.

7. Air conditioning

The ladies only area is not air conditioned at all time, especially when it’s sometimes vacant. You only have to tell the manager and he will turn on the air conditioner for you.

8. Sanitising equipment

They have sanitising solutions and clothes available. So you can clean before starting on a machine or treadmill.

9. Bring your own padlock

They have locker space for us, but you’ll need to bring your own padlock. If you have too much stuff like me, bring 2 padlocks.

10. Mineral water is available for sale

They are selling small bottle at RM1 and 1.5L bottle at RM2. So you don’t have to worry for paying extra. Of course, you can always bring your own water.

Gym park fitness 6am to 12pm daily

Gympark Fitness PJ222

Gympark Fitness PJ222

6, Lorong 51a/227a, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Posted on October 2021

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