Ramly Burger in PJ Old Town 99 Speedmart

Ramly Burger stall in PJ Old Town, in front of 99 speed mart.

Ramly Burger Pecah Kepala 017 379 6075 PJ Old Town

Hot, juicy patty with buttered bun. My favourite is Ayam Double with extra cheese. How about you?

This is a popular late night supper Malaysians are familiar with, the Ramly burger.

Usually we will place order with the friendly boss, then shop for grocerries in 99 speed mart.

After MCO, we order through WhatsApp then collect by Grab express, because we don’t stay too far away, the delivery fee is more often than not within RM5.

The store is operating at night, with fresh onions and cabbage between the burger. I always ask for extra onions. It makes the burger less sinful. Besides, their burger is just on the point, never too greasy or runny.

They will run out of patty or bun if you get there too late. The boss must be standing up from 7pm all the way to 10pm, with continuous order. Respect.

This is the best snacks for supper, as a Malaysian.

Ramly burger stall in PJ Old town, in front of 99 speedmart, nearby SJK(C) Chen Moh.

2. Burger Pak Yoep Jalan Gasing Indah

Address: Jalan 1/132, Gasing Indah, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Also located in front of a 99 speed mart.

photo credits instagram @yang_hbk

The offer a few dishes different from the ordinary menu

1. Rojak Burger

This is my absolute favourite. I am the kind of person that wishes less bread, more patty in a burger, or zero bread, all patty in a burger. This is what they provide in the rojak burger.

Uncle Yoep (Pak Yeop) stirs fry chicken / beef patty, hot dog, eggs, potato, onion, sprinkle with lots of black pepper and cheese powder,

2. Paprika Burger

3. Burger Pattaya

There is more food than you expected in PJ old town. Check out our next post 亚日虾面 in PJ New town.

Updated on March 2022

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